10 Fun Destinations with a KSTG Party Bus or Limo

10 Fun Destinations with a KSTG Party Bus or Limo

Kevin Smith Transportation Group polled 10 people and they all said they like Party Buses.

If you are reading this on a Friday, then we know that you are thinking. I can’t wait for the day to be over and what I am going to do this weekend.

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10 Party Bus Destinations!

If you are reading this on a Friday, then we know that you are thinking. I can’t wait for the day to be over and what I am going to do this weekend.

While there is nothing wrong with the usual, hanging at your local watering hole (do people still use the phrase watering hole?), watching the game on TV. But what if you had something different to do.

Imagine piling into a Limo or Party Bus and heading out for some serious fun. State of the art vehicles, built-in TV’s, Bluetooth surround sound and a well-stocked bar. Right?!

So you still need a little push? Let’s consider these 10 fun destinations that you could go to when you booked a Kevin Smith Transportation Group Party Bus or Limo.

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10 Fun Destinations with a KSTG Party Bus or Limo

Do I really have to spend my night on a Party Bus or Limo? YEAH, YOU DO! So let’s review these 10 awesome fun ideas for booking a KSTG Party Bus or Limo in the Philadelphia, PA area.

1. Dinner for Two

She’s been dropping hints for weeks about wanting to go on a date night. PAY ATTENTION! Call KSTG today and ask for the Stretch Limousine and book a dinner reservation for your favorite restaurant. The greater Philadelphia, PA area has an amazing list of restaurants to choose from. And men, let’s skip Hooters this time, okay?

2. Party Bus to the Aquarium

Grab 3 families and head to Adventure Aquarium. The kids will get hours of enjoyment on the ride there and back (yes, it is possible to spend an hour in a vehicle without playing on a device!). Plus, the headache of traffic and parking go away. A Party Bus ride to the aquarium makes a normal family outing a GREAT family outing.

adventure aquarium

3. Did Somebody Say Bowling

Bowling is awesome. Book a 24 passenger Party Bus and head down to Lucky Strikes in Philadelphia, PA. I can guarantee you that this trip will be awesome! It is a party both ways and again, it is bowling. Enough said.

4. Team Building

Work is hard and busy. Sometimes, you need to get away and a Party Bus is a great team building start. How does dinner and a show in New York, NY sound? Right?! Load up the Party Bus and head to Broadway. When it is over, you will be the star in everyone’s eyes.

5. Reunion

Getting together with friends from college? Fair chance this night might get a little crazy? Think safety and fun by booking a kSTG Limo so you can make sure everyone gets home safely and you can focus on the fun. Stories, stories and more stories of those fun college days.

6. Concert Anyone

We know that Pink’s show isn’t until April but there will be dozens of concerts at the Wells Fargo Center before then. So pick your show, buy your tickets and book your Party Bus or Limo. From the tailgate to the show and going out after, nothing tops off an amazing concert at the Wells Fargo Center (or any of the other venues in the area) then by jumping into a Limo or Party Bus after the show is over.

7. Penn State Football

Is there a big Penn State game in the near future? How does riding in style in a Party Bus up to State College sound? Yeah, we agree. Awesome. So before you make that road trip in your own car, don’t. Book a Party Bus and make that drive a memory of a lifetime with KSTG.

8. Eagles Football

I think we are all on the Carson Wentz bandwagon. However, instead of a wagon, how about a Limo or Party Bus to the game? If you are headed to the Linc, load up your tailgate suppliers in the back of a Limo or Party Bus and take that tailgate to another level. Go Birds!

eagles game transportation

9. Wine Tasting

Don’t tell anybody but here at KSTG, we like wine. We do. It is true. With more than 200 wineries in Pennsylvania, booking a Wine Tour in a Limo or Party Bus seems like an easy decision. Can’t find 8 other friends who like wine? Then you need better friends. Seriously.

10. Ski Season

Thinking about a day trip to Jack Frost Big Boulder? Thinking about hot totties on the drive back? We would suggest thinking about a Limo or Party Bus. After a long day on the slopes, relaxing in the back on a Limo or Party Bus will make for a great ending to a great day of skiing.

jack frost big boulder

These are 10 Fun Destination Ideas for a KSTG Limo or Party Bus

Football and tailgating? Yeah, we like that. Concerts and wine tours? Perfect. Doing these things in a Limo or Party Bus, priceless!

So when trying to get out of the doldrums of the usual, consider booking a KSTG Limo or Party Bus. Safe and fun is a great combination. It makes a normal night an amazing night.

Keep in mind as well. If you post on FB that you just booked a Limo or Party Bus and you need 10 friends to join you, our guess is you won’t have a problem filling the ride.

Finally, don’t forget the best idea you heard. Bowling.

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