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Today’s blog is one in a series on education, best practices and industry hot topics related to careers in Administration, including but not limited to those working as Executive Assistants, Admin Assistants and Office Managers.  Today’s Admins handle duties that have no limits in scope and as the greater Philadelphia’s most trusted Corporate Transportation partner, Kevin Smith Transportation Group is invested in supporting those who work to make sure their companies run smoothly every day. 

We tapped our talented administrative team for advice on how they stay organized in a fast-paced office environment. These savvy professionals shared a variety of tips and tricks for managing their workdays and completing tasks with style and ease.

From traditional filing ideas to organizing electronic data, our Rockstar administrative assistants clearly know how to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Take a look at their top 10 organization tips below.

1.   Keep Important Information Visible

“I organize my frequently used documents in clear plastic folders  with colored tabs and keep them handy in a metal file stand on my desk. I file the most recent information in the front of the folders, and since the plastic is clear, I don’t even have to open them to see what I need. Plus, the colored tabs help me spot the folder I want at a glance.”
– Peggy D., Administrative Assistant

2.   Use Email Tasks

“I use my email application to organize tasks. When I read an email message that I need to act on later, I add it to my ‘Tasks.’ This way, I can easily manage and track items on my ‘To-Do’ list. Plus, I can print, share and add different tasks to the list manually, and when I open a task, I can view all email correspondence associated with that task. It’s an awesome tool!”
– Tuula B., Legal Assistant

3.   Create Professional File Folder Labels

“I like the Brother® P-touch® labeler because it helps me create neat, professional-looking labels  for my file folders. It’s very user-friendly and the backlit display screen is easy to read. I also like the auto-cutter feature because I can use it to cut each label automatically after it’s printed and it leaves clean, straight edges.”
– Mara G., Administrative Assistant

4.   Set Calendar Reminders

“One of my favorite organization tips is to set reminders in my calendar application for project deadlines. First, I set a reminder for the date the project must be completed and submitted. Then, working backwards from there, I set another reminder to alert me when the project components are due on my desk for consolidation. I set a third reminder for some time during the process, so I remember to check on how the project is progressing.

If a project involves multiple people or teams, I may even set several reminders to check in with each one. This way, I can answer any questions that may have arisen and help ensure that everyone remains on schedule. I may have a lot of calendar entries, but I rarely miss a deadline.”
– Kate S., Administrative Assistant


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5.   Organize (and Decorate) with Cubicle Clips

“I think my companies colorful cubicle clips are a great organization tool. Cubicle clips are plastic clips with two metal prongs on the back that attach to the walls of your cube by sliding into the fabric of your cube panels. I put information that I need to keep handy (e.g., a telephone list) in a clear plastic or translucent colored folder and clip it to the wall of my cube. The clips are also great for personalizing your workspace with photos and other memorabilia.”
– Peggy D., Administrative Assistant

6.   Schedule time to file

“Schedule time (ideally weekly) on your calendar for filing. Blocking out time to attend to this important task will ensure that it gets completed. Organization = efficiency = increased productivity!”
– Claris W., Legal Assistant

7.   Organize Your Inbox

“I recommend creating labels or folders to organize the messages in your inbox. For example, I deal with multiple bids and contracts so I have a label for ‘Contracts’ and one for ‘Bids.’ At the next level, I have a label for items that are ‘Pending’ and items that are ‘Complete.’ Finally, I have specific action labels that I use to verify where each item is in the process, such as ‘Sent for Review,’ ‘Need More Information,’ ‘Requires VP Signature,’ or ‘Waiting on Customer Signature.’

If your email program doesn’t offer a label feature, you could create folders for each of these items and nest them within one another. Either way, an organized inbox helps me stay on track and verify that everything is moving forward on schedule.”
– Kate S., Administrative Assistant

8.   Make Temporary “to-do” Lists with Post-it® Notes

“I am a big fan of Post-it® Notes. I use them throughout the day to create visual reminders of all the things I need to do. I write each new task on a Post-it® and then I stick it where I can see it, like on my desk or computer monitor.

Once I complete an item, I toss the Post-it® away. At the end of the day, I enter any unfinished business into my stylish “See Jane Work®” notebook to create a ‘To-Do’ list for the next day. This way, I can clear my desk each night and start with a clean workspace in the morning.”
– Erin S., Administrative Assistant

9.   Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

To save time, I use keyboard shortcuts in all my programs, including my email account. It’s great to be able to just hit the ‘R’ key or ‘CRTL+R’ to reply to a message or the ‘F’ key or ‘CTRL+F’ to forward a message.”
– Peggy D., Administrative Assistant

10.  Employ the KISS Principle (Keep it Simple, Smarty)

“The best tip is to keep it simple. Whatever task you’re handling, the more steps there are in the process, the greater the chance that errors will be made.”
– Kate S., Administrative Assistant

Thank you for reading today’s blog on the Administrative Professional industry.  Please visit us every week as we continue to publish tips, industry news and strategies that directly impact every Administrative Professional.

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