5 Prom Transportation Tips for Teens and Parents

Prom night, when it’s handled reliably and professionally, is a night that lives on in the memories of all those involved. Parents and students, having spent dozens of hours preparing for this one night, should only expect the same dedication from their transportation services. In many cases, this may be the first night that teens have ever ridden alone in a limousine. With all that fun and excitement in the air, there’s plenty of advice that teens and parents should heed to make prom night a successful one.

1. Coordinate and communicate with your friends early on

If you’re planning to lead an entourage on your prom night, know exactly who will be in your limousine or bus as well as when and where they’ll want to be picked up. By planning weeks ahead of your prom, you’ll guarantee yourself the best selection of limos and buses and the least amount of problems.

2. Have your smartphones prepped for music and photography

You know how many photos you’ll likely be taking of yourself and your friends all throughout your prom night. Coordinating again with your friends, agree on a pre-prom location where everyone can gather and be photographed together. Remember to have your smartphones preloaded with the playlists and songs you’ve always dreamed of hearing as you cruise around on prom night.

3. Parents should request that chauffeurs offer a “prom promise”

When you ask your chauffeur service about the “prom promise,” they’ll agree to distribute a signed document to all teens involved in the prom night celebrations. Said document will state that no drug or alcoholic beverages will be consumed on prom night—ensuring everyone’s safety and satisfaction.

4. Lay down the ground rules, and the curfew that you want

Prom night may be about the teens, but it’s ultimately at the whims of their parents and guardians. Speak with your chauffeur, establishing what will and will not be tolerated. If you want everyone back by a certain hour, specify this and your chauffeur will guarantee it.

5. Relax and trust the experts

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