5 Reasons to Rent a Party Bus for Your Wedding in Philadelphia

A wedding day is one of the most significant days in a person’s life. With the level of planning and coordination a wedding takes, plus friends and family pouring in for the special day, nothing about a wedding should be left to chance – and certainly not the transportation aspect of it.

Though perhaps seen as a less traditional choice for wedding transportation, there are many reasons why hiring a party bus is the ultimate solution for your wedding guests. Let’s get into the reasons below.

Leave together, arrive together

Isn’t it better for the entire bridal party or even all the guests to arrive together? No stress about latecomers, getting stranded somewhere in traffic or a vehicle breaking down. All the important people in your wedding will be together, in one place, and certain to get to the venue on time. That’s the advantage of professional chauffeurs and a professional service.

A better experience

Getting a cab? Boring. Boarding a party bus with a dance floor, refreshments, LED lights, TV screens and more? Memorable, to say the least. It’s the best way to ensure everyone arrives in high spirits, ready to cheer on the happy couple, unfrazzled and free of stress. And happy guests = a happy day. Plus, when the wedding is over and it’s time to go home, your guests have the option of another party on the way. What could be better?

Photo opportunities

Perhaps not a high priority for some, but wedding photos make some of the best keepsakes from your special day. A party bus provides you with a great opportunity for a fun photo op, where you can capture your guests in candid, happy shots that you and they can look back on and enjoy for many years to come.

Comfort & convenience

Let’s not forget the convenience aspect of hiring a party bus. There will be no last-minute issues with cabs not turning up, or with cars breaking down. Navigation will be top notch. Your chauffeur is equipped with everything they need to make the experience as great as it can be. The party bus is maintained to high standards, and is clean, comfortable and stylish.

Cost effective

When there is a number of people to be transported, a party bus is the most cost-effective option. No charging by the kilometer, no added fees for longer routes taken, no hiked rates for peak hours. Just one fee paid up front for up to 23 passengers in one bus.

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