5 Reasons Why Corporate Shuttle Service is For You

Your employees deserve the best, wouldn’t you agree? These are the people who keep the company running through their efforts, both big and small, day after day. In many ways, they are responsible for the company’s success.

Want to make both your life and theirs easier? Read on to find out how corporate shuttle service can help you accomplish that.

Always on time

Public transport can be unreliable at the best of times and a disaster at the worst. Missed connections, delays, traffic, and many more elements, can get in the way of the best laid plans. With corporate shuttle service, your employees are able to arrive at work on time every single day – and with a minimum of effort on their part. Win-win.

For entertainment & productivity

Who said commutes have to be boring? When your employees are together in the same vehicle, they get much-needed time to chat, keep up with office friendships, and enjoy the ride, rather than rushing around. They can check & respond to emails, rest, relax, or prepare for their day. This will put them in a much more peaceful & productive state of mind than they would be if they had to drive in rush hour traffic.

For the environment

Having corporate shuttle service means that your employees aren’t driving in on their own. That’s more vehicles off the road, which means your company is reducing its carbon footprint. Enough said. Another win.

For hiring the best

Having a corporate shuttle service is a great benefit to brag about – and it could also make the difference between whether a potential employee decides to join your company. Taking care of their transport shows that you care, cuts their commute time, and saves them money. Sold.

For tax cuts

Offering your employees shuttle service as part of their commuting benefits can actually benefit your company as well, by helping you trim down your overall expenses. Not only that but, in certain places, the federal government also offers companies tax breaks for providing their employees with commuting solutions, particularly if they are a small business.


Thinking of changing over to time and cost-saving corporate shuttle service? Show your employees you want the best for them by letting us take care of it. Find out more about what we can do for you by visiting our website or by giving us a call on 610-222-6225.