Car Service Tips for Travel Managers in Philadelphia, PA

5 corporate transportation tips for travel managers

Travel Managers juggle every aspect of transportation for their company’s employees. Ground Transportation has become even more critical in Philadelphia, PA as Travel Managers try to avoid their teams utilizing unsecured transportation apps.

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Travel Managers juggle every aspect of transportation for their company’s employees. Ground Transportation has become even more critical in Philadelphia, PA as Travel Managers try to avoid their teams utilizing unsecured transportation apps.

When adding in last minute travel requests and rescheduled meetings, leveraging a great Corporate Transportation partner in Philadelphia, PA can be extremely valuable.  Many Travel Managers attend annual conferences where the focus is on education. We thought we would bring the Corporate Transportation tips to them.

So hopefully just a handful of these tips can bring value to your Corporate Transportation strategy in Philadelphia, PA and across the country.

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Car Service Tips for Travel Managers in Philadelphia, PA

Juggling ground transportation is just one of hundreds of tasks for the busy Travel Manager. Here are 5 tips that can help improve any Corporate Transportation program in Philadelphia, PA.

1. Do They Know the Right Time?

More important than being at the airport early is being at the airport at the appropriate time. Different airports have varying expected screening times. A good corporate transportation partner will have that information for you.  While most of your travel might be through Philadelphia International Airport, with more than a dozen international airports within driving distance of Philadelphia, PA makes partnering with the right company so valuable. 

2. Is Ground Transportation a Better Solution Than Air?

Sometimes air travel isn’t the most effective means of transportation, especially from cities that are close together such as Philadelphia, PA to NYC or Washington. You can have a direct route from your hotel or office in Philadelphia, PA to your destination without waiting in line at the airport.

3. Company Outings are Brand Important in Philadelphia, PA

Make sure your corporate transportation partner can not only accommodate your executives and higher-ups with smaller vehicles but also your entire office with their larger vehicles should you plan a company outing or work retreat.  With the job market so competitive in Philadelphia, PA, it is even more important to focus on the employee experience. 

4. Have a Backup Plan

Everyone knows the saying, “Stuff Happens”. A chauffeur gets sick, the best-maintained vehicles can still break down. When selecting a trusted transportation partner in Philadelphia, PA, ask them about their disaster recovery plan for when the unexpected eventually happens.  A lot can happen in Philadelphia, PA when developing a ground transportation solution.  Choosing the right company can help overcome it.

5. Get a Contract

Committing to monthly, quarterly or yearly contracts with your transportation partner can lead to lower rates. Locking down your transportation in advance is beneficial to you and your transportation partner.  Many leading companies in Philadelphia, PA have taken this step for their Black Car Service.

Great Corporate Transportation Tips for Travel Managers in Philadelphia, PA

Duty of Care is a term that Travel Managers have to consider every day. By selecting a robust Corporate Transportation partner in Philadelphia, PA for their ground transportation services, they can better deliver a total transportation solution.

From building a strategy early on to securing Best in Class contracts, tips for Corporate Transportation can help every Travel Manager excel in their job.  Ground Transportation is just one component of a total Corporate Transportation solution in Philadelphia, PA. However, by following just some of these tips, you can be assured that your employees will be delivered on time and safe.

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Leisure Services

Kevin Smith Transportation Group delivers both Leisure and Corporate Transportations services in Philadelphia, PA.  KSTG is Philly’s A-List #1 Wedding Limousine company.  This is an award that means a lot in a market that has so much history. 

On most weekends in Philadelphia, PA, KSTG’s Wedding Limos and Wedding Party Buses are moving everyone from the Brides and Grooms to the entire Bridal Party.  In addition, KSTG’s Wedding Shuttles often move the wedding guests from local hotels in Philadelphia, PA to the Wedding Venues and back.  Wedding Shuttles are the most common request in today’s wedding market as most hotels do not offer transportation for wedding guests, especially larger groups regardless of if the need is only a few blocks or across the city. 

Those living in and around Philadelphia, PA also regularly utilize a Limo or Party Bus for a Night on the Town or a trip to a concert or a show.  We also see many requests for a Party Bus to take groups to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal for that dream cruise.  For those people that live in the zip codes 19106 and 19107 in Center City, KSTG is the perfect choice for transportation. 

Thinking about going from Philadelphia, PA to a local winery?  There are more than 200 wineries in the area and whether it is a romantic tour you are looking for or headed out with a group of friends for just a day of fun and laughs, book a KSTG Limo or Party Bus and make your wine tour something you will never forget.    For those that live in the zip code 19104 around the University of Pennsylvania, trips to the winery are perfect team building events. 

Corporate Transportation

Philadelphia, PA, has seen a rejuvenation over the last few years as the city continues to become a draw for organizations looking to hire the best talent.  Many of those require the services of Kevin Smith Transportation Group and our Corporate Transportation division.  Airport Transportation is a common service request with Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) located so close to Philadelphia, PA.  However, with nearly a dozen International Airports in the Mid-Atlantic area, many companies will utilize KSTG’s services for Airport Transportation to Newark international (EWR), Kennedy Airport (JFK) or other points north or south of the Philadelphia, PA area.  

Other Corporate Transportation services that Kevin Smith Transportation Group offers companies in Philadelphia, PA include Shuttle Services.  This may be moving employees from operations in the city to suburban offices or providing transportation to Executives for client meetings.  For companies and individuals from the zip codes 19103 and 19118 (Rittenhouse Square and Chestnut Hill), KSTG is the preferred Corporate Transportation partner.       

Black Car Service

Many companies in Philadelphia, PA have been pushed by their Senior Management or Counsel’s office to follow strict Duty of Care requirements with their employees.  This means that the days of using an unregulated Black Car Service for Corporate Transportation services is no longer allowed.  For Kevin Smith Transportation Group, this means that our Black Car Service division, including our fleet of Cadillac XTS’s, Black Yukons and Black Infiniti’s, are regular visitors in and around the Philadelphia, PA area.  For those working in the zip codes 19129, 19130, 19131 and 19132, KSTG’s Black Car Division is regularly moving employees around the Philadelphia, PA area.

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