5 Top Tips to Get Your Car Ready Before a Road Trip

Ever headed off on a road trip, only to have your car break down in the middle of nowhere leaving you with no idea what to do? Road trips can be thrilling adventures, and that’s why we’re here – to help you make sure your next one is as safe and enjoyable as it should be.

Read on to find some great tips on getting your card road trip ready. 

Get your car serviced

While you may not want to spend money on a professional tune-up or oil change, its a good idea to get your car serviced before embarking on a long trip. The longer the trip, the more important it is that your vehicle is running at its best. This way, you won’t have to worry about any problems arising during your trip.

Make sure your tires are in great condition

It’s important to check the tread and pressure of your tires. It’s also important to check the overall condition of each tire, including its sidewalls, tread depth, and internal components. Here are some things you should look for:

  • Wear bars – if they are worn down or missing
  • Tread depth – make sure it’s at least 1/16th of an inch deep in front, 1/32nd in the rear
  • Steel belts – make sure these aren’t broken or frayed
  • Bulges, blisters, or any other abnormalities

Test and test again

Before heading out, make sure everything is in tip-top condition, including your:

  • Brakes: brake lights, brake pads & brake fluid levels, including the rear brake fluid reservoir (if applicable)
  • Headlights and fog lights.

Inspect the battery if it’s older than three years

The battery provides energy so that you can start your engine and run all your electrical equipment while driving. It also helps keep power running in case something goes wrong during a trip, such as when an alternator fails, or a fuse blows out.

To check on its health, look at its age (if it’s older than three years), or have it inspected by a mechanic. If it’s old or not working well anymore, having one replaced can ensure that everything will work smoothly during those long drives across several states.

Be prepared for an emergency

Having a first aid kit in the trunk is a must. In addition to your regular prescription medications, include an extra bottle of ibuprofen, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and other common injuries such as antiseptic wipes or ointments. Also, make sure you have a blanket and flashlight just in case you need them at night. 

If you are going on a long road trip, don’t forget about the spare tire. It’s also important to have a jack that fits your car—the last thing you want is for it to get stuck out on the side of the highway because its jack didn’t fit properly into position. Finally, make sure that there are some snacks and water bottles in the trunk so that everyone stays hydrated while they’re traveling across the country.

Tips while you’re on the road

Always stay calm while driving so that you don’t make rash decisions that could result in an accident.

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you (or if it’s just really hot outside), try to take frequent breaks from driving so that your body can rest and recuperate from any fatigue caused by your travel schedule.

Happy road tripping!

Road trips are a great way to get out of the city and explore new places for yourself. Getting your car ready for a road trip can be stressful, but there are plenty of things you can do to make sure it’s as safe and fun as possible. It’s important not only to prepare yourself mentally for what might happen on the road ahead, but also physically by traveling in good health with proper nutrition and hydration as well as staying rested enough so that you don’t feel worn out later down the road.