Weddings Made-Easy in Philadelphia, PA

5 Tricks (Or Treats) to a Stress Free Wedding Day

In a recent poll, people told other people that weddings can be stressful!

Your Wedding Day is drawing closer and for some reason your Best Friend has decided she needs you to take over the last minute details. Oh boy!

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Weddings Made-Easy in Philadelphia, PA

Your Wedding Day in Philadelphia, PA is drawing closer and for some reason, your Best Friend has decided she needs you to take over the last minute details. Oh boy!

More than a year of planning and it comes down to a sprint to the finish to try and get it all done. Hopefully, you have already booked Kevin Smith Transportation Group for all of your Wedding Limo and Shuttle services in Philadelphia, PA. At least that is one box you can check off as completed.

However, how can you help yourself and at least try and reduce some of the stress which is inevitable to hit with the punch of a freight train? We think we can help.

So, follow just some of these tricks (you could call them treats) and maybe, just maybe, we can reduce some of that Wedding day stress and make your Wedding day in Philadelphia, PA as memorable as it should be.

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5 Tricks (Or Treats) For an Easy Wedding Day in Philadelphia, PA

So let’s review 5 cool tricks to help reduce stress on your Wedding Day.

1. Stay Positive

Things are going to go wrong. We are 100% sure about that. However, things will always feel better and likely go better if you can stay positive. While it is hard, try to find the funny side of things and know at least you will have a perfect KSTG Limo or Party Bus to make things feel better while you celebrate your Wedding day in Philadelphia, PA.

2. Hire the Right Suppliers

Unless you are doing all of the work yourself, you will need to hire people to handle everything from the food and beverage to the venue and the pictures. So take the time when you hire these vendors to ask the right questions and make sure you feel comfortable with them.  Are they experienced in Philadelphia, PA, are the familiar with your venue and will they be able to handle any last minute changes that ultimately will arise.  The extra time you spend on the hiring process will benefit you on the day of your wedding. With KSTG, that means hand picking the Party Bus or Wedding Shuttle you want.

3. Manage Your Own Time When Planning

Are you consumed with your Wedding planning in Philadelphia, PA? That was a trick question. We know you are. We also know you won’t listen to this trick, but we are going to say it anyway. Try to budget specific times of the day or week to work on the planning. You will find it less consuming and you won’t feel like it is a 24/7 job. Plus, your future husband would appreciate it.

4. Stay Organized

Throw away the stickie notes. Seriously, throw them away. In today’s world, there is an app for that! Pick your favorite and use that to manage all of your information. This should also capture all of your vendor’s information, including Game Day contact information. While KSTG will be sending you alerts on your transportation starting 24 hours out, sometimes this app and the device it is on can be passed to a key stakeholder for you to manage the day of. Organization is priceless when planning a Wedding in Philadelphia, PA!

5. Don’t Forget Why You Are Getting Married

Remember why you doing all of this planning. You are getting married in Philadelphia, PA! To spend the rest of your life with that special someone. Focus on spending the rest of your life with this person you love unconditionally. This is your day. A day meant to be a celebration. Continue to remember that when you smell alcohol on your officiant’s breath and the only beer they have cold at the reception is Natty Light! It will be ok!

Here are 5 Great Tricks (Not Treats) for Making Your Wedding Day Easy

The concept seems simple enough but is easily forgotten when the craziness starts. Relax. It will be ok.

Focus on the reasons you are getting married. Stay organized and make sure you hire the vendors you believe will do the best job. This will help reduce the stress of your Wedding Day in Philadelphia, PA.

Also, stay positive throughout the day. Things will go wrong and you want to remember that you will get through it. That is a guarantee.

Of course, don’t forget the two other most important things. One, hire Kevin Smith Transportation Group for your Wedding in Philadelphia, PA. That is obvious of course. Second, have fun! You deserve it.

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