6 Questions to Ask when Booking Private Ground Transportation

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6 Things to Consider when Booking Private Ground Transportation

It is critically important when booking private ground transportation for your company that you ask the right questions. While pricing and convenience are always important, the fluidity of business travel demands a ground transportation company also be fluid.

While your thinking about that client meeting or team building event, your private ground transportation company should be thinking about making sure you are in the right vehicle, whether it is a Cadillac XTS or a black Suburban or Yukon. While you are reviewing your notes, they should have already reviewed route options to minimize traffic to your final destination.

After all, you want a private ground transportation company that works as hard as you do in your job so that you can focus on more critical items that will help you be more successful day to day.

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Top 6 Questions to Ask when Booking a Private Ground Transportation Company

Business travel can wear down even the most seasoned travelers. Your ground transportation company shouldn’t do the same. So let’s review the 6 top questions that you should ask to make sure your transportation partner is Best in Class.

1. What are your vehicle options?

This is a great place to start. If their only vehicle is a 2006 Ford Escort, this might not be the company for you! What you want to hear is that they have a very diverse fleet, from traditional sedans like a Cadillac XTS to black Suburbans and Yukons to Sprinters (14 passenger) and Mini Buses (29 passengers). These are the most common vehicle types and you want to be able to have options across all of these vehicle types.

2. What areas do your cover?

Business travel may take you anywhere at any time. So you need a great ground transportation company that can cover those areas for you. Today your meeting might be in Chester County, PA but tomorrow it might be in Manhattan, NY. Only a diverse, organized transportation company will be able to support these demands on a day to day basis.

3. Are they flexible when it comes to changing times and vehicles?

Today the meeting is at 2pm for 2 employees going in a Cadillac XTS. However, 3 hours before the meeting, it gets moved up to 1pm and now 8 people are going. Do they have a Sprinter they can shift you too? A successful ground transportation company will not only adapt to these change but will thrive on meeting the constantly changing demands of their clients. Flexibility can’t be overlooked as it is a critical deliverable for a good partnership.

4. Do they service similar companies like yourself?

All airport rides are the same right? Not so fast. Every client we work with has special requirements or other unique components to their transportation requests. If you have a lot of VIP type service requests, it is helpful if your ground transportation company has experience in that. Do a lot of runs from one side of Bucks County, PA to the southern edge of Delaware County, PA? A transportation partner with similar type clients will come in handy when you need a short turnaround on a service request.

5. What is their Brand image?

Why does it matter what their brand image is? Well, if you are a company that is known for quality service and professional employees, you may not want to partner with a ground transportation company whose motto is we suck the least. By learning what their mission is might just help you identify the perfect transportation partner for you.

6. How do they handle mistakes?

Let’s be honest. Nothing is perfect. We find that the best companies are measured not on their successes but on their failures. When a driver is late or runs into traffic, do they call you with updates? When the perfectly maintained Cadillac XTS gets a flat, do they communicate continuously while they work to resolve it? Measure them by how well they correct their mistakes and you may end up with a ground transportation company who outperforms all of your expectations.

Great Questions Lead to Great Ground Transportation Companies

Transportation doesn’t have to be another headache. In fact, by choosing the right ground transportation company, you could turn that headache into a value-add for your company and your employees.

Leveraging the right transportation company can elevate morale, improve your Brand and in fact, could be the difference maker on closing that big deal. Simply put, transportation can make things better.

So before you select that ground transportation company to be your transportation partner, ask them these questions and put yourself on the path to winning when it comes to ground transportation.

You deserve a great partner and by vetting the companies with the right questions, you can guarantee yourself the perfect partner. Happy hunting!

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