6 Wedding Day Transportation Mistakes to Avoid

6 Wedding Day Transportation Mistakes to Avoid

The most expensive wedding (adjusted for inflation) was Diana and Charles’s which cost $110 million

So the big day has arrived. Everything was meticulously planned. Except for the fact that you are standing outside of your house realizing you forgot to schedule transportation for yourself. Whoops.

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What Not to do When it Comes to Wedding Day Transportation

So the big day has arrived. Everything was meticulously planned. Except for the fact that you are standing outside of your house realizing you forgot to schedule transportation for yourself. Whoops.

You’re better than that! However, there are many hurdles to overcome to make sure your Wedding Transportation is perfect. Hurdles that if not taken seriously could cause you to empty the bottle of Tylenol.
So by avoiding these 6 Wedding Transportation mistakes listed here, you can better guarantee yourself a smooth wedding day for you, your bridal party and all of your guests.

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6 Wedding Transportation Mistakes to Avoid

So it’s only your Wedding Day! No stress for sure. So let’s look at 6 Wedding Day Transportation mistakes that we absolutely want to avoid.

1. Hire Professionals

Vintage might be in but not for your Party Bus or Limousine. By hiring a professional Transportation company, you ensure you will be working with people who do this for a living.

2. There is More Than One Type of Limo

When they tell you they only have one type of vehicle, what they are really saying is they only have one vehicle! Run. You want to make sure you can choose from a variety of vehicle types and sizes so that the vehicle or vehicles you choose fit your Wedding Day Transportation needs.

3. Ignoring Your Guests

When you walk down the aisle, it would be nice to have people there to see you do it. Seriously. By ensuring there is a safe and reliable transportation option like a Mini Bus or Shuttle for your guests to get there from the local hotel, you can make sure your moment is shared with all of your friends and family.

4. Working With a Middleman

When you ask about 30 different vehicle types and they say yup, we got one of those, they likely don’t. But they know somebody who does. When booking Wedding Transportation, you want to work directly with the company who you are renting from so avoid any type of broker who really is just taking a cut of the deal and won’t be involved on your actual Wedding Day to make sure everything goes well.

5. What Contract?

Yes, you need a contract. Yes, you need to read it. Yes, it really is important. Your contract should cover all of the details of your Wedding Day to make sure everything from the vehicle types to the addresses for the pickup and drop-off are correct. Side note, make sure the times are right as well!

6. I won’t be Late for My Wedding

Haha. That is funny. Yes, you will. But make sure your Wedding Day Transportation won’t be. Whether your event is in Bucks County, Delaware County or anywhere in the Greater Philadelphia area, give yourself extra time when planning your routes so that when the unexpected occurs, and it will, you have enough time to still take whatever pictures you want and still arrive on time to enjoy all of the appetizers and the open bar.

Avoiding These 6 Mistakes For Your Wedding Transportation is a Good Thing

Wedding Day Transportation doesn’t have to be a challenge. By avoiding these 6 simple mistakes, you can have a stress-free Wedding Day (as it relates to your transportation!).

So what did we learn? Work with professionals, choose the vehicle you want and make sure you budget enough time to get where you need to go.

When booking a Limousine or Party Bus, the “party” should be on your terms. You control the fun by choosing to work with the best Wedding Transportation company on the market.

Also, don’t forget to have fun!

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