About Us

Know Our Merits

We get a chance to tell our story, often in front of other business leaders or future entrepreneurs. It is not about transportation or chauffeured vehicles, though. It is about the people and what we want to accomplish as a team. Our timeline would stretch for more years than we would want to share, with obstacles overcome and lessons learned. It is not about Corporate Transportation for a Board of Director’s meeting or Limousine Service for a once in a lifetime Wedding. It is about each person who shows up to work ready to make Kevin Smith Transportation Group the best company in the greater Philadelphia area.



Our team is motivated to deliver superior service. We like when our clients tell us we were their best experience. We find motivation when others can’t when others don’t want to put the work in. Our motivation is fed by our support of each other. We push each other because we want to be pushed back. Call us today and learn why.



Have you ever spent a day driving Breast Cancer Survivors/Fighters back and forth to their treatments? KSTG chauffeurs get a chance to do that every week with Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center. Do you want to be inspired? Come spend a day with us and then see how that translates to extraordinary effort injected into every other moment of your life.



Are you authorized to go above and beyond? Are you permitted to do more? At KSTG, being empowered isn’t a privilege. It is a requirement. Imagine feeling empowered to help shape the story, to know that your success is predetermined by your own effort. Service Different. We are empowered to do so.



Our story is the night we arrive back after 2am. It has been a long day and we still need to clean out the bus for an early morning run. We arrive to find another driver walking out, also finishing up a long day. However, his day isn’t done, as he walks back in and spends 30 minutes helping us wrap up our day. Supported? We would say yes, by every person who wears the KSTG logo.




We show up with an understanding of what we want to accomplish. Strategies are shared, feedback expected and ideas shared. The only way to write the story is to have everyone contribute and that means everyone is informed as to where the story is going.

Our Motivation

If you close your eyes, you can actually feel the energy. The snap of a suit jacket pulled over the arms of a chauffeur. The echo of doors closing on Party Buses and Sprinters. The fingers flying over the keyboard as one more reservation is booked. The cheers from the soccer field as one of our school clients win their conference championship. It is the crispness of movement that gives you chills. We aren’t your average luxury car rental, or any old limo rental company. We don’t bang on our drums saying we are the best. We don’t splash around ads on billboards saying use us. It is the pride of performance, the excitement of a satisfied customer that allows each and every employee of KSTG feel like they are part of something.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be a part of something. To feel like your effort matters. These are the reasons the employees of KSTG jump out of bed and come to work. This is the reason that our clients come back to us day after day, month after month, and year after year. Our clients are part of our story. They help shape it, define it and make it what it will be tomorrow. For that, we are appreciative. Our excitement is what our story will be tomorrow, knowing it will be something special because all of us are a part of it.