A Bride on Her Wedding Day

You hear the music first before you see the dress.  That is what I remember most.  The orchestra strikes up the most famous song, the invited guests rise as one with anticipation and excitement and then ironically, they all turn their backs to that certain somebody in the tux and bow tie.  Now I know who is the most important.  But let me start at the beginning.

I climbed into the Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine at 10:30am, excitement at knowing what today was.  I know the Bride to be had debated between the 18 passenger Party Bus or the Stretch for their wedding day transportation in Philadelphia, PA, but ultimately, she went with tradition and the comfort of the MKT Limousine, which I am more than happy with as we head towards the Valley Forge park and pictures with all of the groomsmen.

We stood around for about an hour while the photographer imagined every possible pose for the group.  I was regaled with what felt like hundreds of stories, each one funnier than the next.  It was clear that this special day is only made more special by having your closest friends and family with you.  Good times.

After we were done, we headed off to Visitation B.V.M. Church in West Norriton, PA for the ceremony and then to the Robert Ryan owned Barn on the Bridge for the reception.  But first, the walk down the aisle.

I’ve been to a few weddings but for some reason, this one seemed more special and maybe it should have.  I’m not sure.  But I watched her walked down the aisle that day and I feel like that moment is something I will never forget.

Sometimes it goes by so fast!  All of a sudden, the doors flood open and everyone streams out.  Pictures are snapped, champagne is popping and the entire bridal party is quickly funneled into the back of the Lincoln MKT Stretch.  I looked at everyone’s face and the pressure seemed to be off and the party looked like it was ready to begin!

And all of a sudden, my preparation and training kicks in.  I quickly close the doors, climb behind the wheel and drive us towards their wedding reception in Bucks County, PA, with what will hopefully be a lifetime of memories for the Bride and Groom.  This job never gets old and while I stood in the back of the church and maybe had a tear or two slide down my cheek during the I Do’s, I think that is ok.  I do this job because I love it and weddings are something special I look forward to being a part of every time I get the chance