What is the Best Bachelorette Party Bus?

bachelorette party bus

This is one in a series of blogs helping people in the greater Philadelphia, PA learn how to identify the Best of when it comes to booking transportation.  As the leading luxury ground transportation company in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, Kevin Smith Transportation Group carries the responsibility of delivering the best service. This series will help you ensure you get the best of your next rental.     

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Here are the 5 tips to ensuring you get the best Bachelorette Party Bus possible.

5 Tips for Receiving the Best Bachelorette Party Bus

1. Ask for Experienced Chauffeurs

A Bachelorette Party is the night when you want everything to be perfect. The best Bachelorette Party Bus is one that is driven by an experienced Chauffeur who knows your itinerary and will make sure everyone arrives back home safely.  

2. Look for Updated Party Buses

We are not sure there is anything worse than having your Bachelorette Party Bus arrive and it looks like it could have been used in the 80’s as a movie prop. The best Bachelorette Party Buses will be ones that are newer, have updated technology and enhance the night out.  

3. Don’t Forget the Sound Systems

While it is cool to have TV’s on your Bachelorette Party Bus, it is the sound system that will garner all of your attention. The best bachelorette Party Bus has a state of the art Bluetooth enabled music system, allowing you to keep the party going as you travel from site to site.  

4. Ask about Payment Options

If you have ever organized a Bachelorette Party, you know how hard it is to collect payment from a dozen or more girls. The best Bachelorette Party Bus company will have a process to collect payments from the individuals in your group, making your life as the coordinator of the event much easier.  

5. Request Transparency in the Pricing

Load 12 or more females into a Party Bus and nobody will want to have the fun end. The best Bachelorette Party Bus company will provide complete transparency into their pricing so that your group will know what the cost will be if the night goes longer than expected.  

The Best Bachelorette Party Bus Company is Kevin Smith Transportation Group

By following these 5 tips, you will give yourself the greatest chance to experience the Best Bachelorette Party Bus in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. So whether you are looking for the best Party Bus rental, the Best Limousine service or the Best Employee Shuttle Service, just call Kevin Smith Transportation Group at 610-222-6225 and let the best Concierges in the industry arrange all of your transportation. 

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