21 Beach Wedding Ideas from Philadelphia Brides and Grooms

beach wedding

Today’s blog is one in a series on Wedding Tips for those getting married across the greater Philadelphia, PA area.  Whether you are planning your own wedding or helping somebody you love to plan theirs, this blog series is meant to provide fun tips and ideas for a memorable Wedding celebration.    

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Breathtaking views, an ocean breeze, and ethereal décor guarantee any beach fete one-of-a-kind.

Elevating the overall style of a beach wedding can mean more than just impromptu tropical florals and an array of vibrant textiles. For a festive—yet understated beach affair—we sought advice from the experts in luxury weddings for tips on how to make any sandy celebration the most coveted of the season.

1. Capture One-of-a-Kind Shots

To ensure a photo album full of festive summer photos, some of our Wedding Planners encourage sneaking off with your photographer to capture sandy images that fully embody a beach wedding. “Kick off your shoes and escape with your photographer at sunset for unforgettable beach photos!” they said.

2. Strategize Complimentary Features

Rather than compete with the tranquility of your surroundings, find ways to incorporate complimentary elements into your day-of design. One of our Rock Star florists agreed that brides should “choose décor that doesn’t compete with the beauty of the beach environment but rather compliments it, such as ghost chairs and light, airy florals.”

3. Set the Tone with your Stationery

Kick-off your wedding weekend with a stationery that showcases your day-of theme. “The invitation is the first clue to your wedding aesthetic that guests receive,” said many Event Planners. “Include a beautiful map and keep your color palette consistent throughout the event.”  

4. Spotlight decorative Accents

An innovative way to feature décor without overwhelming your space is to integrate decorative accents within functional pieces of your design. Some Event Planners said they used this technique when adding flair to beachy ceremony chairs. They used custom chair covers in an ocean-inspired palette to bring pattern and texture to the space.

5. Forgo Heavy Foods

Choose foods that are light, flavorful, and can be prepared in a variety of ways. “Fish tacos are always a fan favorite during cocktail hour and, during the warmer months, a gazpacho is a great way to kick off a seated meal,” suggested some of our Wedding Planners.

6. Raise the Bar

Nothing says “festive focal point” like a custom beach bar. One of our Rock Star photographers said serving summer drinks with a show-stopping set-up. “This ‘Tequila Bar’ was such a crowd pleaser,” they said. “Complete with several custom cocktails, it was a fun way to elevate beach décor!”

7. Add a Touch of Tropical Elegance

One of our Wedding Planners integrated natural simplicity by using dark wood against a sandy backdrop to set the scene for a palm tree-filled walk down the aisle. Her team chose dark wood chivari chairs to add contrast against the soft white sand, and they also built a dark wood canopy.    

8. Don’t Shy Away from Color

“Bright reds, greens, and corals contrast incredibly well with the sand, ocean, and blue skies,” explained some of our photographers. “Don’t be afraid to mix and match some really bold, solid colors to achieve breathtaking photos.”

9. Map it Out

Depending on the geography, your décor can play a major role in the overall aesthetic of your event. For a dinner on the Mediterranean coast, one of our Wedding Planners opted for a palette of soft and airy textures, embracing terra cotta and seagrass as a nod to the location.

10. Incorporate Playful Features

Blending themed beach elements into moments of your big day can make a big impact regarding one-of-a-kind style. One of our florists used a sailor’s knot to integrate beachy flair into a groomsmen’s colorful boutonniere. 

11. Bundle your Blooms

One of the best ways to let the vibrant colors of summer shine is through a beach bouquet. When blending an array of tropical shades, one of our florists suggests letting your bouquet standout with flattering pops of color. “Nothing says seasonal like sunny yellows, electric pinks, and a dash of lush greenery,” they said.

12. Get Creative with Escort Cards

Decorative elements that are as useful as they are engaging, custom escort cards can enhance any themed celebration. One Party Planner proposed having guest names calligraphed on sand dollars for a fun ode to the setting.

13. Embellish your Aisle.

Whether crafting a stand-alone focal point or complementing the design of your altar, the adornment of your aisle can transform the feel of your ceremony. One photographer recalled a statement-making layout where “the height of decorative grasses created a visual anchor up against the seaside aisle.”

14. Embrace Modernism

It’s easy to get swept into a frenzy of rich oranges, pinks, and yellows when strategizing a beach affair. One of our Event Planners covets personal style while integrating elements of the environment. They said “bringing in a modern aesthetic is ideal when designing within a complementary palette and adding seaside textures and colors.”

15. Spotlight Striking Details

One thing to remember when planning any event is the significance of details. Guests notice everything! One photographer recalls a time when noteworthy place cards made a meaningful impact. “These hand-painted and scripted place cards made out of shells were the perfect touch for a Jamaican beach wedding!” they said.

16. Utilize Natural Elements

One florist suggested embellishing your tablescape with essentials derived from nature. “Consider using elements naturally found along the beach in your décor such as driftwood, sea glass or shells,” they suggestedHues like soft blue, taupe, and cream can seamlessly integrate these components into any setting.

17. Optimize the View

To fully embrace the serenity of a beach backdrop, one Wedding Planner recommends comprising a minimalist approach to décor to embrace the setting’s picturesque amenities: “For a beach wedding, we opted not to use any decor that would obstruct the natural beauty of the Caribbean.”

18. Seek a Range of Terrain

With “toes-in-the-sand” as a perk to any coastal location, sometimes less is more when it comes to sandy ceremony sites. One of our Special Event Managers agreed. “If there’s a grassy knoll or a wooden boardwalk nearby, the wedding party, guests and couple, will have a much easier time walking down the aisle,” she explains. 

19. Consider Colorful Attire

Extending your coastal color palette into your wedding wardrobe can add a quality of uniqueness that ties in the overall theme of the event. One photographer advised the use of “blush, cream, and soft blues to enhance the color scheme of your day-of look.”

20. Create Areas of Comfort

With beach seating often limited, hosting an oceanside affair can mean moments of extensive standing. To ensure guests are comfortable, one florist suggested “crafting cozy seating areas by the shore where guests can enjoy the beautiful view!”

21. Encourage Stress-free Furniture.

When working with an airy backdrop, staying away from heavy furniture is an optimal way to tie-in the softness of the setting. One Event Specialist recommended the use of ghost chairs for an ethereal beach set-up. “The chairs make for a light vibration on the sand and allows light to naturally bounce to-and-fro,” she says.

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