Black Car Service Philadelphia – 6 Ways to Avoid a Disaster

Black Car Service - 6 Ways to Avoid a Disaster in Philadelphia, PA

Safety has become the #1 issue for Corporate Travel Managers as they review their Ground Transportation solutions

Every leading company in the Greater Philadelphia area is competing for the best employees. This means having to be competitive with salary and work-life balance.

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Black Car Service Philadelphia

Every leading company in the Greater Philadelphia area is competing for the best employees. This means having to be competitive with salary and work-life balance.

With travel becoming a core part of many employees job descriptions, Travel Managers are looking towards their Corporate Transportation partners to deliver a luxury service.

However, with the market being flooded by low-end Black Car services, Travel Managers are being challenged more and more to select just the right company. Trying to avoid the “I own a 2011 Town Car” so use meĀ as service can be a full-time job.

So here are 6 ways to avoid a disaster if you are a Travel Manager who wants to make sure you are following the Duty of Care requirements with your employees.

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Black Car Service Philadelphia – 6 Ways to Avoid a Disaster

Travel Managers need a great Corporate Transportation partner who can help deliver a complete Ground Transportation solution. Here are 6 ways to avoid a disaster when arranging Black Car Service for your employees.

1. Consider the Importance of Navigation

Booking one of those unregulated Black Car Services seems like a good idea until you watch your driver navigate unfamiliar streets while constantly scanning his phone for turns. By booking a luxury Corporate Transportation partner who utilizes highly skilled and trained chauffeurs, you guarantee that you will arrive safely, on time and most importantly, stress-free.

2. Book a Reliable Vehicle

What image do you want to remember from your big client meeting? Walking out of their offices knowing you crushed it and a contract will be forthcoming or standing along the side of the road after your “late model” Black Car turned out to be a 2007 Town Car. By using a reputable Corporate Transportation company, you ensure you will arrive at that all-important meeting on time and ready to go.

3. Deliver on that All-Important First Impression

Picture yourself stepping out of a 2017 Cadillac XTS in front of your client, showing the confidence and professionalism you want to give off. Or, imagine stepping out of a dirty, worn down Black Car with a driver who appears to have not shaved for weeks. Guarantee yourself the first impression you want by working with a leading Black Car Corporate Transportation company.

4. On-Demand Versus Now Transportation

Summoning a Black Car every time you need to go from place to place is somewhat inefficient. By working with a Black Car Corporate Transportation company, your Black Car will always be waiting for you, ensuring you can quickly move from meeting to meeting, improving productivity and maximizing your time out of the office.

5. Eliminate Your Risk

The unthinkable happens. Your Black Car is in an accident. The good news is your Black Car Corporate Transportation partner carries a $5 million insurance policy and every one of their drivers has gone through extensive driver safety training. There will be no liability risk to you or your company. However, your mobile-friendly Black Car Service you booked doesn’t require insurance of its drivers. So you might be personally responsible if there is an accident.

6. Customize your Vehicle

Using a generic Black Car Service means your vehicle will show up as is. By working with a luxury Black Car Corporate Transportation company, you can ensure any amenities, from specific bottled water to Wi-Fi or healthy snacks, are stocked and available to you. Make sure your Ground Transportation is the best service possible by customizing your vehicle every time.

Avoiding Black Car Service Disasters

Black Car Service and your selection of a transportation partner has a big impact on your own brand. Risking unreliability or exposing yourself to risk is a real concern when not using a luxury, respected partner.
The convenience of a reputable Black Car Service is critical to companies who require their services. However, a wrong decision could cost you your best client or have you fail on that big close meeting.

So whether booking yourself or Executive Management, consider the services of a luxury Black Car Corporate Transportation company and guarantee the best possible service on the market today.
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