Book Limousine Service for These Unconventional Occasions

There are some times in your life when booking a limousine is an absolute must. Proms, weddings, proposals, and every single date on The Bachelor spring to mind. However, limo service shouldn’t be reserved for just these occasions. There are plenty of times where it’s perfectly valid to rent a limo and make any occasion a special occasion! Here awesome unconventional occasions you should definitely hire a limo for—limo-shaming be damned!

A Night Out with Friends

Who cares if you’re just planning on hitting the town with a few friends on a Friday night? Your friends deserve to feel special too! Plenty of times your friendships outlast relationships and are like your second family. Imagine the look of excitement on their face when they see a limo drive up for your pre-scheduled club hopping. Not only does it add a touch of novelty but it’s safe too, no designated driver – say what!

Hit Up A Brewery or Wine Tour

Tired of being cooped up at home? Stretch your legs and head out the great outdoors with friends or family. Get your buzz on at one the many wine trails or brewery tours. You won’t have to worry about multiple stops or having to pick someone to skip out on the drinking. Just rent a limo and enjoy a high-flying day! 

Movie Premieres

If you’ve been waiting eagerly for a new movie to release in the theater, make it a red carpet experience by renting a limo. It adds to the excitement of watching the film and makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. You can dress up, sip a bit of bubbly on the way, and forget about having to drive, park, or worry about booking a cab on the way back.

Christmas Lights Tour

The magic of Christmas with all the decorations and lights is the perfect backdrop for a drive. Book a limo and chart your very own Christmas lights tour. Enjoy some ‘Irish-ed’ cocoa, snuggle up with your loved ones, sing along to some carols and enjoy the sights! You’re sure to get that warm fuzzy feeling, and really feel the Christmas spirit. 

Whenever You Feel Like

You really shouldn’t have to follow a playbook whenever you want to hire a limo! Want to know when the perfect occasion to rent a limo is? Well, it’s any time you feel like riding in style in a limo. YOLO, Carpe Diem, seize the day – it’s your life and if renting a limo makes you happy – do it! 

Do you want to rent a limo to make a regular occasion a special occasion? Contact one of our expert limo service coordinators here!