Breeze Brings the Darkness

I would like to say this is the first time I have ever been locked in the trunk but that would not be true.  It is darker that I remember it being.  Certainly, it is a little more cramped that I would prefer to be.  As I lay here, I am trying to go back through the events that led me to being here and I must say, they are a little embarrassing.  When the day started, however, it seemed like it was going to be a great day.

My first pickup was at 11am.  The groom and his 6 groomsmen.  I was driving our 18 passenger party bus and would be spending most my day in the Malvern area.  First stop was pictures and the group seemed like they were ready for a fun day.  Before they even stepped onto the bus we loaded a backup cooler into the trunk which I have to assume was stocked with beverages to keep them hydrated.

After pictures, I took the group back to the venue and then picked up the Bride and her portion of the wedding party.  They were in the know as they immediately went to the trunk and grabbed some beverages.  As the trunk area is large enough to actually stand inside, I kept the cooler closest to the door so they could reach it from the ground.  A solid plan I would say.

After completing their pictures, they also were headed off to the venue.  The day was awash with sunshine and it certainly seemed like the weather couldn’t be any better.  I pulled up to the portico and helped them off the party bus.  The next two hours was mine so I moved the party bus to a secluded area of the parking lot and took this time to clean out the inside, restock ice and collect any trash.

This is where it all went wrong.  Some trash had fallen behind the cooler so I jumped into the back to grab it.  Now, it was sunny but there was a bit of a breeze.  How much?  Enough to blow the door closed behind me.  Whoops!

Of course, we have a safety feature so if this happens you can simply pop open the door from the inside.  However, they don’t factor in the extreme darkness and a hint of anxiety around being locked in a small space.  You also wouldn’t think you can be turned around in a space that size but when panic sets in, anything can happen.

So after what seemed like hours (it was actually about 30 seconds), I found the safety latch and opened the door.  I climbed down and looked around (doesn’t everybody look around after that embarrassing moment to see if anyone saw it).  Nobody to be found.  So the good news is, this embarrassing moment will be a secret and nobody will ever find out that I locked myself in a trunk.