Calm Before the Storm

A glimpse into the world of the Limousine and Transportation industry from the individuals who silently shuttle us to our business meetings, drive us to our upcoming flight or escort us to that once in a lifetime wedding day, courtesy of the team from Kevin Smith Transportation Group.

This might be the quietest I have ever seen twelve 17 and 18-year-old girls.  Not a peep.  They boarded the Philadelphia, PA event transportation Mini Bus, took their seats and off we went.  It’s only a 20 minute ride to their cross-town rival in Bucks County and usually I am regaled with stories of Instagram and Facebook posts that truthfully, I often have no idea what they are saying.  But not today.  But let me back up a bit and start from the beginning.

When I saw the run on the schedule, it seemed like it was going to be a normal Tuesday.  This High School in Montgomery County, PA has been a regular run all winter for me, from their men’s and women’s basketball teams to swimming, ice hockey and dance.  Today was women’s basketball.  So other than most of my passengers probably being taller than me (I don’t remember high school kids being this tall when I was in school!), this should be a normal run.

The kids will plug in their I-Phones and I-Pads at their seats, stream their music over the blue tooth and every once in a while, pop in a DVD into the entertainment system.  Normal teenager stuff.  But not today.

We arrived on time and the team grabbed their bags somewhat hesitantly from the built-in storage on the Mini Bus.  The coaches quickly whispered among themselves and then left the bus.  Once they all departed, I relocated the Mini Bus to around the side of the gym and decided for the first time I would go inside and watch the kids play.

I no sooner entered the gym then I knew this was no ordinary day.  The gym was packed, segmented with clearly defined sections for excited students and anxious parents.  This was not just a cross-town grudge match.  This was the Conference Championship.  Now it all made sense.  It wasn’t my driving that gave them consternation, it was their upcoming match against their undefeated rival.

Over the next 90 minutes, I watched these kids play their hearts out.  Their rival was bigger and faster and to my untrained eye, just seemed better.  However, my team (I did drive them here so why not be my team) never gave up and when the seconds ticked off, they had the ball down one with only seconds to go.  They had positioned themselves with a chance to win.  They shuffled the ball around the perimeter and their smallish point guard retrieved the ball back, took one dribble and let it fly…

Back on the bus, the mood had changed drastically. It even seemed like a Montgomery County, PA party bus service. There was laughing and joke telling and a lively discussion about something called Snap Chat.  I’d like to tell you that shot went in and we (yes, we) were off to districts but that just wasn’t true.  However, I learned a little bit about determination and resiliency that day and as I dropped them off back at their school, I wondered what our chances looked like for next year.