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Now Hiring Chauffeurs

Full-time & part-time positions available at our Philadelphia area location

Why Our Drivers Love Working For KSTG

I love working for KSTG, it gives me the flexibility to work around my full-time job and is a great supplemental income.

Constantine S.


As a retiree, working for KSTG is a great way to keep myself busy by going to new places and meeting new people.

Gary O.


KSTG gives me the flexibility to pursue my love for traveling. This makes it super easy for me to plan last minute getaways.

Chris D.


Why should you work at KSTG?

Take a look at some of the great benefits we offer to you as a KSTG executive chauffeur

Flexible Schedules

Whether you have another job or just don’t like working mornings, we can accommodate to your schedule.


Our Full-time drivers can earn $1000 or more a week. Part time drivers can earn as much as $600 a week!


All full-time chauffeurs have access to our great benefits package including health, dental and a 401k.

Room for

If you’re professional & friendly, you’ll go far with KSTG. We are growing, and we want you to grow us.


To be considered for this position, you must meet the following requirements:

You must be at least 25 years old

You must be able to meet state insurance requirements

Must be able to pass a DOT/Non-DOT Medical Examination

You must undergo a criminal and driving history check, as well as drug screening

You must have a current and valid U.S. driver’s license

You must be able to lift at least 50 lbs

Open Positions

Kevin Smith Transportation Group is currently filling multiple positions within our Chauffeur Team. They include the following:

Chauffeurs of the Month

Every month we select a stand out chauffeur to feature in our chauffeur of the month series

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chauffeur?

At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, Chauffeurs are not drivers. They are highly skilled, highly valuable team members of the fastest growing transportation company in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Our Chauffeurs are not School Bus Drivers, although many of our Chauffeurs started their careers that way. Our Chauffeurs are much more advanced that a School Bus Driver. They deliver superior service, provide significant value to KSTG’s clients and ultimately, are a part of the future growth and success of KSTG.

Do you hire CDL Drivers?

We do. KSTG has an entire fleet of Party Buses and Mini Buses that require CDL licenses. So KSTG is always on the lookout for people who have their CDL license but are looking for year-round work that also offers benefits, vacation time and flexibility that only a Chauffeur position can offer.

I have my CDL with a P & S endorsement? Is that helpful?

It is! KSTG is lucky to work with numerous schools across the greater Philadelphia, PA area transporting their athletic teams. This lucrative work requires Chauffeurs who have their CDL license and their P and S endorsements. If you have these endorsements, call KSTG today and take advantage of our numerous full-time positions and start earning what you deserve today.

Do you hire School Bus Drivers?

Absolutely we do. At KSTG, School Bus Drivers are often the perfect employee for us. You have all of the required licensing we need which is great. However, most School Bus Drivers are frustrated with the inconsistent work, low pay and to be honest, minimal prestige of the position. Going from a School Bus Driver to a Chauffeur is equivalent to going from Pee Wee Football to the NFL!

Is it hard to be a Chauffeur?

Like any career, being a Chauffeur can be challenging in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. However, that is where KSTG comes in. Besides the extensive training we offer on the road, is it the classroom training that focuses on the soft skills around customer service that will not only make you an excellent Chauffeur for KSTG but will also help you maximize your own tips. Like any respected career, being a great Chauffeur takes work and KSTG will invest in your future to make sure you succeed.

What if I was never a Chauffeur before?

That is ok. In fact, more than half our drivers were never a Chauffeur before joining us. Being a Chauffeur is a career for our team so if you a desire to be successful, have great people skills and are willing to work hard for your own success, being a Chauffeur is perfect for you. Let us invest in your career and we can help develop you into an amazing Chauffeur for one of the fastest growing transportation companies in the greater Philadelphia, PA area.

Do I need a CDL to be a Chauffeur?

You do not. As an entry level Chauffeur, you will be trained on our fleet of Sedans and SUV’s while you learn the core elements of being a Chauffeur. Learn the basics of being a Chauffeur in the greater Philadelphia, PA area and you will quickly thrive as a Chauffeur. KSTG’s Chauffeur positions are the first step to having a successful career in the transportation industry. The best news? KSTG will help train and pay for our Chauffeurs to require the additional licensing to allow you to add hundreds of dollars a week or more to your pay.

Why is a Chauffeur a better job than a School Bus Driver?

We think this one is easy. First, being a Chauffeur for KSTG in the greater Philadelphia, PA area is a career to be proud of. With full-time work year round, great pay and benefits and the chance to earn thousands of dollars a month in tips, being a Chauffeur is simply awesome. We’re not saying that getting yelled at by 3rd graders every day doesn’t sound awesome. However, our Chauffeurs have experiences that School Bus Drivers could never dream of. You deserve an amazing career and being a Chauffeur at KSTG in the greater Philadelphia, PA area is the place to start.