Case Study: Corporate Shuttle Service

corporate shuttle service

This was a textbook example of not assuming you understand the challenges of a prospective client.  After our first meeting, we realized lowering their hourly rate by $5 wasn’t what they needed to meet their budget needs. Corporate shuttle service.

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Industry: Digital Media Company

Need: Company needs to move employees between 3 buildings that sit approximately 12 minutes apart from each other.

Challenge: Current transportation partner has dedicated a roving shuttle that runs 9 hours a day between the 3 buildings.  The need exists but senior management is being challenged to drive down costs.

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This was a textbook example of not assuming you understand the challenges of a prospective client.  After our first meeting, we realized lowering their hourly rate by $5 wasn’t what they needed to meet their budget needs.  They needed real change.  So, before we offered a solution, we decided to learn more about their business and their day to day needs.

We assigned a logistics manager to spend 3 days at their offices.  They rode the shuttle, sat with managers to understand why employees moved around the buildings and reviewed meeting schedules, general staffing, and workflow among what was 3 distinct departments.  Some very interesting things came to light.

First, the shuttle currently ran on a set schedule and nearly 38% of the runs had nobody on them.  So that was an immediate red flag.  Second, when we asked those on the shuttle why they were on it, 18% admitted that they were on the shuttle for non-business reasons.  Meaning they were going to meet a friend for lunch at another building or in one case, they were going to get a massage and the spa was near a different office then they worked in.  Clearly, this was not what the shuttles were intended for.

After reviewing this data, we made some simple recommendations.  There were a handful of daily meetings that were driving movement.  We had the company make the commitment to alter those times to specific slots.  We actually had one department move buildings, reducing their need to transfer around and improve daily efficiency significantly.  The results were immediate.

The shuttle now moved from 9:00am to 11:30am among the 3 buildings and 2:30pm to 5:00pm.  We reduced 4 hours a day of shuttle time, resulting in a nearly $52,000 direct save not including all of the efficiencies gained by having employees move around less often.  Service Different continues to be defined by KSTG.

Leisure Services

Kevin Smith Transportation Group offers a variety of services in the greater Philadelphia, PA. area.  On the social side, a KSTG Limo or Wedding Shuttle might be seen on any given weekend.  Requests for transportation for a Night on the Town or a Party Bus to go to Philadelphia, PA for a concert or show are routine for residents of the region.  If someone in the greater Philadelphia, PA. area is headed to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal or Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), you can be assured that a KSTG Black Yukon or Mini Bus are ready for pickup.

Corporate Shuttle Service

If you run or work at one of the many successful companies with offices in the greater Philadelphia, PA. area, you may occasionally have a need for some of the Corporate Transportation services offered by Kevin Smith Transportation Group.  This could include Airport Transportation to more than 8 International Airports, including Newark International (EWR), Kennedy Airport (JFK) and of course Philadelphia International (PHL).

Shuttle Services are also popular for companies across the greater Philadelphia, PA. area, often moving employees from local SEPTA station to company offices.  In the afternoon, those same KSTG Sprinters or Mini Buses will take those employees back to the train as they head home to Philadelphia, PA.  For companies that utilize Private Aviation to travel around the country, a KSTG Cadillac XTS or Black Yukon is likely to be seen across the region, headed to one of more than a dozen regional airports, including Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Wings Field or Doylestown Regional Airport.


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