Coach Bus Services

Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the region’s preferred Coach Bus Services company. Philadelphia’s highest rated Coach Bus Services company, KSTG can handle any sized group where the ultimate destination is fun!


With the highest safety rating in the region and never a single at-fault accident, KSTG’s Fleet Manager, a retired Police Officer, prides himself on delivering the safest ride possible. There are no days off from safety and when booking with KSTG, you get a safety guarantee that every step possible is taken to ensure your Charter Tour arrives safe and on-time.


KSTG takes great pride in delivering the highest standards of comfort in the Motor Coach industry. While you stay plugged in with access to state of the art electronics, your reclining seat provides you the perfect setting for watching TV, enjoying music and immersing yourself in the journey to your final destination. Clean and updated restrooms provide the perfect final touch


Our clients choose KSTG because of our never-wavering reliability. While they relax on the industry’s most luxurious Coach Buses, our team is working behind the scenes to make sure the first and last mile of your Charter Tour goes seamlessly. Our team of Project Managers at Kevin Smith Transportation Group works tirelessly so you arrive rested and relaxed.


As a family-owned business, KSTG’s success is largely based on our reputation as a Luxury Transportation Company that delivers unmatched levels of service. Our Team of Concierges will coordinate every aspect of your Charter Tour, ensuring the quality of the ride is equaled only by the quality of the team that delivers you to your final destination.

Coach Bus Options

Below are some examples of different destinations and tour bus ideas that some of our clients have enjoyed



oday’s weddings often require large transfers of your guests from the hotel to your venue and back. A KSTG Coach Bus Service will provide you with a luxury Coach Bus to move all your Wedding guests in style. For venues with remote parking, a KSTG Coach Bus will swiftly move larger groups efficiently and safely.

Your Wedding Coordinator will organize all of the logistics of your Wedding Day t. We’ll match the perfect Coach Bus to your needs and with a variety of vehicle options to choose from. Secure the best in Wedding Transportation with KSTG’s Coach Bus Services.

bachelor bachelorette parties

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Today’s Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties have matured from excursions to the local bar scene to groups of 30, 40, 50 or more going to destinations like Atlantic City, Wine or Distillery Tours or New York. With KSTG’s Coach Bus Service, your group can ride together in style regardless of the destination.

Every KSTG Coach Bus will have bathrooms, be WIFI enabled, a full suite of digital media along with data ports at every seat. KSTG’s Coach Bus Service is Philadelphia, PA’s only luxury Coach Bus option and is the preferred choice for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in the area.



KSTG’s Coach Bus Services provide a unique transportation option for those attending Prom. Our Luxury Coach Buses are available for larger groups of teens who want to attend Prom in a single vehicle. With restrooms and AC, our Coach Buses make sure not a single piece of hair will be out of place when they arrive.

Kevin Smith Transportation Group’s Coach Bus Services are also the perfect solution for those attending Prom where Post Prom is at an alternate location or venue. This allows for the safe and efficient transfer of the students from the Prom to Post Prom.

amusement parks

Amusement Parks

Are you organizing a large group to visit one of the many amazing amusement parks in the area like Six Flags Great Adventure, Dorney Park and Hershey Park? KSTG’s Coach Bus Services offers fully equipped Coach Buses with restrooms, WIFI and data ports at every seat.

Thinking of planning a trip to an out of state amusement park like Kings Dominion in Virginia? KSTG’s Coach Bus Services can provide multi-day tours to any destination across the United States. Simply choose your day and your Coach Bus and let KSTG handle all of the driving for you and your group.

sporting events

Sporting Events

Philadelphia is home to the best fans in the country and there is no shortage of sporting events to tailgate at. Beginning with the 2018 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, you are offered a host of both professional and collegiate teams where KSTG’s Coach Bus Services are the perfect option for your group.

Simply select the game you are attending and one of KSTG’s Travel Coordinators will help you land on the perfect vehicle, where each Coach Bus option will include WIFI to stay connected to other games, restrooms and data ports located at every seat for your convenience.



Philadelphia is lucky to have numerous concert venues where the biggest acts in the world make the city a must stop on their tour. A KSTG Charter Bus might be the perfect vehicle for you and your group. While the Wells Fargo and Citizens Bank are two popular destinations, Charter Bus rentals are perfect options for concerts from Atlantic City to Pittsburgh.

A Luxury Coach Bus will let you sing along to the music so that the show never ends. KSTG can help coordinate the perfect Coach Bus that will let you focus only on the fun you’re having.


Do you have questions before you book? We’ll try to answer as many as we can for you.

What venues can I book a Coach Bus to?
You can book a Coach Bus to any venue in Philadelphia, PA, across the state of Pennsylvania and even across the United States. We have had groups organize a Coach Bus rental for concerts in Chicago, Dallas and even Los Angeles.
How far in advance should we book our Coach Bus rental?
We always recommend booking a Coach Bus with as much advance notice as possible. This guarantees you a better chance of getting all of the specific features you are looking for. In addition, certain days of the week and times of the year are significantly more busy so there are times when we will even sell out.
Do you go outside of Philadelphia, like to New York or Pittsburgh for example?

We do. In fact, we probably send our Coach Bus outside of the Philadelphia more often then you would think as it is such a great way to take a group to a destination in style.

How large are your Coach Buses?
Traditionally, the largest Corporate Shuttle Bus is 55 passengers. However, we can also go as small as 10 in one of our Executive Sprinters. KSTG will have the right sized Shuttle Bus or buses for your group.
Why should I rent a Coach Bus?
Most of our clients who book a Charter Bus due so because they have a larger group of people who want to travel together. So a Charter Bus provides the convenience of everyone being in the same vehicle while also enjoying the amazing benefits of a Charter Bus like restrooms.
I want to book a Coach Bus to New York?
We book Charter Bus tours to New York every day. Broadway and general sightseeing of New York City are very popular destinations.
Can I book a Motor Coach rental to a casino even if it isn’t a local one?
You can book a Motor Coach rental to anywhere in the United States. While Atlantic City, Connecticut and Baltimore are very popular, we can customize a Motor Coach rental to any casino in the United States.
Do Coach Buses have restrooms?
Every one of our Coach Buses has restrooms. They also include an assortment of digital media tools like data ports, television screens and Wi-Fi.
How much does a Coach Bus rental cost?
Prices will vary based on the type of Coach Bus and the length of your rental. The best way to price out a Motor Coach rental is to call Kevin Smith Transportation Group and speak to a Tour Operator.