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This is one in a series of blogs sharing stories of Party Bus rentals in Philadelphia, PA and across the tri-state area.  As the leading luxury Party Bus company in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, Kevin Smith Transportation Group gets the chance to help facilitate some of the most entertaining excursions in the area.  This blog will tell some of those stories.   

Are you looking to book a Party Bus in the greater Philadelphia, PA area? Whether the trip is a Night on the Town or a Weekend Getawaysimply call KSTG today at 610-222-6225 and let one of our Party Bus Planners arrange all of your transportation.  From daytrips to overnight excursions, let KSTG handle all of the driving so you can focus on the fun.

A Party Bus rental to a concert at one of the many venues in the greater Philadelphia, PA area is the perfect way to get the party started hours before the show starts and have it continued until the last song is performed. Here at KSTG, we have had 4 recent bookings where their Party Bus rental took them to a local concert. Here are those stories.

Story 1 – Couples Night

This booking was a couple night to see Phil Collins returning to the Wells Fargo Center. 7 couples decided to chip in and ride in our 18 passenger Party Bus. With Bluetooth streaming Phil Collins and Genesis for the entire ride down, this group was ready for some fun.

They started with dinner at Ralph’s, a historic Italian restaurant in South Philadelphia. After an amazing dinner, they were dropped off at the concert. When the show was over, they headed towards home but decided last minute to stop at Parx Casino for a final cocktail and a little gambling. Another great night in a KSTG Party Bus.  

Story 2 – Big Country

Blake Shelton was coming to town and for a group of 16 neighbors, it was Party Bus time. They decided to tailgate prior to the concert so the Party Bus music was set on high and the cornhole boards were out.

If you haven’t tailgated for a country music concert before, put it on your list to do. Th atmosphere is amazing and with a Party bus as an attraction, the event is even more special.

This group ended up staying for 2 hours after the show. Nobody had to worry about driving so the Party Bus allowed them to keep the partying going. They didn’t get back home until close to 3am so we would view this Party Bus rental as a successful one.  

Story 3 – Taylor Swift is Back

When Taylor Swift is in town, you can be confident that every Party Bus KSTG has will be booked and this summer was no different. Like many bookings, this was a group of 18 little girls and some very “lucky” moms. This may be the loudest it ever gets in a Party Bus!

The group packed a fair amount of food and snacks and had perfected the sing-along by the time we rolled into the concert. As a surprise, we had purchased flavored popcorn and other treats that we stocked in the Party Bus for the way back.  

While we believe they danced and sang hard in the concert, they were not lacking any energy on the way back. This group of girls knew how to have fun. Returning home close to 1am, this was a Party Bus excursion to be remembered.  

Story 4 – Birthday Present

One of our clients had purchased tickets to Ed Sheeran for his wife. He then arranged with some other friends to book a Party Bus to attend the concert. There turned out to be 20 of them in total.

Their plan was to do a mini bar crawl and then get dropped right before the show. Our Chauffeur had a few unique spots down near the stadiums and was able to maximize their time out while still arriving on time.

The group returned to the Party Bus and ended up going into King of Prussia for a finishing cocktail. The also took advantage of the live TV to watch some of the late college games on TV. Overall, a great way to see a concert and maximize your fun while keeping everybody safe.  

Party Bus Rental Options

There are many options to consider when booking a party Bus, the most important being how many people will be in your group. The perfect size vehicle is critical to ensuring you and your entire group is comfortable and ready for a night of fun.

Too crowded and no one will be comfortable. Too big a Party Bus and your group could get lost. The good news when booking with Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the features in the Party Buses are very similar.

From state of the art Surround Sound Systems to multiple televisions and built-in bars, every amenity was considered when the Party Buses were built. You just need to pick your specific Party Bus and lock up your reservation.

  • 14 Passenger Party Bus – This is perfect for smaller sized groups who are still looking to enjoy the feel that only a luxury Party Bus can deliver.

  • 18 Passenger Party Bus – The next size up, your group is larger but the additional bar and seating still deliver an intimate setting.

  • 23 Passenger Party Bus  Now you’re talking! The party just got bigger and so did your luxury Party Bus with Kevin Smith Transportation Group.  

  • 28 Passenger Party Bus – The “Executive” Party Bus of the fleet. Built for long-distance travel, this Party Bus is idea for trips to Manhattan as well as an Eagles tailgate. 

  • 40 Passenger Party Bus – We call this the Story Party Bus as the stories that happen on this bus should be left on the bus. The ultimate in Party Bus entertainment.  

Destination Fun | Concerts

Party Bus rentals to see a concert are perfect regardless of the singer or band or the time of the year. With Kevin Smith Transportation Group, you are guaranteed luxury and the regions #1 rated Party Bus company.

To speak to a KSTG Party Bus Planner, call 610-222-6225 today and let us help you build out the perfect night in a KSTG Party Bus.

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