Corporate Espionage

I imagine I am taking her to a high-level Board Meeting…maybe a hostile takeover that she is orchestrating.  She will climb out of my Cadillac XTS, walk through the revolving doors of the 30 story high-rise and make business history.

My story with her began 6 months ago.  I work in our Corporate Transportation Division covering clients in the Montgomery County, PA area.  She was assigned to me and I was told she would be a regular client, the second Tuesday of every month.  The pickup wasn’t complicated, a 9am pickup and a return around 4pm.  She is usually very quiet, studiously reviewing files I can only imagine are for her appointment I am taking her to.

I’ve learned her favorite coffee and water and they now await her arrival when she climbs into my vehicle every month.  I usually get a smile and nod, but I take her reaction of someone who is simply focused on what is ahead of her.  She has great intensity and I can only imagine what she might be like during that hostile takeover!

I think about the way she carries herself on days when I am tired, when I know I should give the extra effort for one of my more demanding clients.  I think she carries a great burden to succeed and I think it resonates out of her with the focus and determination that she exudes.  When I need to push myself, I think about what she would do when faced with a challenge.  I want to be great at my job and like any job, it takes commitment and a desire to do the work.

I don’t know where my career will take me.  Maybe one day, I could walk through a lobby and have people look at me and say there goes somebody about to do great things.  In the meantime, I have a unique opportunity to interact with some amazing people and I will continue to take those moments as glimpse into what I could one day achieve, if I put the effort in