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Corporate Transportation – 5 Tips for Success

Black Car Corporate Transportation - 5 Tips for Success

Concur travelers expensed $9.5 billion on ground transportation in 2015.

Most companies have searched for a Corporate Transportation partner that services the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. They look for service, professionalism and overall value.

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5 Tips to Securing Corporate Transportation

Most companies have searched for a Corporate Transportation partner that services the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. They look for service, professionalism and overall value.

However, today’s transportation needs go beyond just the Philadelphia, PA area. With travel from the southern edges of Delaware County, PA to the northern corners of Bucks County, PA, companies need a Corporate Transportation partner that has the scale to cover every corner of the area.

So how do the leading companies in the Philadelphia, PA area choose the perfect Corporate Transportation partner? They may just have 5 tips that we are going to share with you today.

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5 Tips for a Successful Corporate Transportation Strategy

So every company wants a Corporate Transportation partner that can handle all of their ground transportation needs. Here are 5 tips to how the great companies do it.

1. Make Sure They are Responsive

A great Corporate Transportation Partner is somebody who is responsive to all your communications. Whether you prefer to communicate via phone, email or private message, their level of responsiveness during routine requests will only set the tone for how responsive they are when you need them the most.

2. Demand the Best Drivers

The purpose of selecting a single Corporate Transportation partner is you guarantee yourself the best chauffeurs. What you don’t want is your partner taking advantage of you and sending you the oldest vehicles and the lowest performing drivers. You want to be a Tier One client every day of the week.

3. Ask for Vehicle Options

If you are like many companies in the Philadelphia, PA area, your transportation needs won’t fit into one vehicle type. So when selecting a Corporate Transportation partner, make sure they carry everything from sedans like a Cadillac XTS to Sprinters and Executive SUV’s. Your needs will require a flexible fleet that only a great partner can provide.

4. Ask for the Little Things

When people travel, they often like to bring the small comforts of home with them, whether it is a favorite blanket or a picture of the family. When partnering with a Corporate Transportation company, the little details like your favorite bottled water or your local paper is a great touch for the weary traveler. So next time you book a vehicle, don’t be afraid to ask for the little things.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Go Big

Isn’t it nice every once in awhile to enjoy a little luxury? After that big client meeting or successful team building event, upgrading to a luxury vehicle like a Cadillac XTS or an Infiniti QX80 Limited might just be the small splurge to cap off a great week of work.

5 Tips for Great Corporate Transportation

Travel can be a draining experience. Going from airport to airport, meeting to meeting and jumping from car to car can drain even the most experienced traveler.

Sometimes, the busy traveler deserves to enjoy the perks that can come with a great Corporate Transportation partner. There are many opportunities to make travel easier and these tips certainly will go a long way towards making that happen.

So before you make that next phone call to book ground transportation, make sure your Corporate Transportation partner is somebody who will go the extra distance for you. After all, if you don’t deserve great service, who does?

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