Corporate Transportation Service

Corporate Excellence

Corporate car service is a specialized service where every encounter is an opportunity to exceed a client’s expectations.  For Kevin Smith Transportation Group, the focus is on relationships.  From the preferred vehicle type for an incoming board member to the all-sports talk radio station preferred by the Chief Financial Officer.  It is the smallest of details that make the largest impact.

For Kevin Smith Transportation Group, these moments include everything from airport transportation to Philadelphia International Airport to extended runs to Newark International, La Guardia and JFK airports.  Board members in town for a meeting, to office shuttles for employee meetings or outings, every transfer needs to be perfect.

With any superior corporate car service, technology is critical.  To real-time flight tracking to an advanced logistics software solution ensuring every pickup is on time, timing is everything.  But the real success is the people.

At KSTG, every chauffeur is carefully screened to ensure they fit the increasing demands of our clients.  However, the screening process is also designed to make sure KSTG is the right fit for every chauffeur.  We want to provide them an environment where they are challenged and they can flourish to achieve their own career goals.

“I applied for the job at KSTG as just an opportunity to make some extra money. But as time went on, I saw a chance to make it more than just a part-time gig. Originally, I thought I would be just driving as part of the Corporate Transportation Group but the engagement with the clients was interesting. I felt challenged to exceed their expectations and I began to get a chance to get involved with many more aspects of the business. For some people, they take a job. For me, I might have just found a career.”

The Anonymous Chauffeur
the anonymous chauffeur

At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, our services cover the entire 5 county area, including Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and the entire Philadelphia area.  With easy access to both Berks and Lancaster counties, KSTG has been able to leverage our ever-expanding fleet with the needs of our clients.

When considering the value of a KSTG vehicle, identify the variety of ways that your company could leverage the scale of the company.  Consider the following:

  • A sales meeting with a critical prospect – Book a KSTG vehicle for yourself so you can focus on the close
  • An employee team building event – KSTG can move your team from the office to your next company outing and back
  • Need a late night or early morning pickup at Philadelphia International Airport – Guarantee a safe transfer with a KSTG corporate sedan
  • From Malvern, PA to Collegeville, PA to the farthest regions of the Philadelphia, PA area – Kevin Smith Transportation Group will ensure your team is handled safely and efficiently

Our corporate clients have many decision makers.  They include the following:

  • Travel Managers – As a Travel Manager, you are responsible for every team member in every city and KSTG can be an extension of your job responsibilities
  • Office Managers and Executive Assistants – Managing the needs of the Executive Team and everyone in between can be extremely demanding – At KSTG, our Corporate Concierge’s will handle all of the details so you can focus on your other responsibilities
  • Procurement Buyers – There is no greater responsibility than carrying the load of an entire companies needs and then having to turn those decisions over to the teams who use those services – Let KSTG show you how those decisions can truly payoff.

When making your next corporate transportation decision, look no further than the Kevin Smith Transportation Group.