Corporate Transportation Services

Corporate transportation is a specialized service where every encounter is an opportunity to exceed a client’s expectations. For Kevin Smith Transportation Group, the focus of our corporate transportation services is on relationships.

Our corporate limo service customers praise us for catering to their needs. This includes everything from their preferred vehicle type to the radio station selected for the journey. It is the smallest of details that make the largest impact.

Black Car Service

Our black car service is perfect for airport transfers, client meetings or top-level executives. 

Employee Shuttles

Need to get your employees from the train station or off-site parking lot? Our employee shuttle service is what you need.

Corporate Event Transportation

Having a holiday party or company outing? No problem. We can get your entire team or company to where they need to go.

KSTG is GDS Ready

We offer direct integrations with the industry’s leading global distribution systems such as Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Amadeus, DEEM and Groundspan.

Services We Offer

No matter your needs, we have a transportation solution that fits your company. Explore our full range of corporate limo service offerings.

Airport Transfers

We service all major airports including PHL, EWR, JFK & all private airports in the area.

Employee Shuttles

We can provide daily shuttle service for your employees to get them safely to your office.

Corporate Events

We can arrange transport for your entire company to and from any holidy or corporate event.

Client Meetings

We can provide black car service for you and out of town clients for business meetings or travel.


Do you have questions about our corporate transport services before you book? We’ll try to answer as many as we can for you. Get insights about our corporate transportation in Philadelphia.

What is Executive Car Service?

Executive Car Service may mean different things to companies in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.

For some companies, it is simply transportation services. In other words: a simple means of transport. Often, this simplified approach takes the form of a sedan or an SUV, for employees in their company. For others, corporate car service might mean luxury transportation for Senior Management. Often, this type of executive chauffeur service takes the form of a sedan or an SUV.

In either case, Executive Car Service is the preferred selection for discerning companies. It should come with unparalelled customer service and touches of luxury. If your employees want to ensure their transportation solution is safe and reliable, discover KSTG. Our executive transportation service is going to offer the best experience.

Do I need to have a contract with KSTG to utilize your Executive Car Service?

You do not need a contract to utilize KSTG’s Executive Car Service in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. We do have many clients who have contracts with us, which allows them to take advantage of our volume discounts. But we do work with clients on a daily basis who request one-off Executive Car Services. To book a one-off corporate car service request, simply contact KSTG at 610-222-6225 and speak to a Transportation Concierge.

What is the difference between your Executive Car Services and using one of those mobile app companies?

The actual differences between our Executive Car Service and a mobile app company are actually too numerous to list.

The top difference is safety. Our professional Chauffeurs are background screened and fingerprinted. In contrast, the mobile apps do not screen their drivers. When booking for your business travel, it’s important to use professional drivers like KSTG’s.

However, we also rise above the competition with our extensive training. Typical app companies don’t train. We, on the other hand, utilize a 50 point training program managed by our Fleet Manager who is a retired Police Officer.

The final differentiator is our commitment to luxury. We don’t consider a 2011 Toyota Camry an Executive Car! Instead, we maintain a corporate transportation fleet of only the best vehicles for passengers that expect the best from their executive chauffeur service.

The reality is the safety and convenience of your employees is too much to risk not to use our Executive Car Service in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.

What if I need Executive Car Services to take someone outside of the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?

Executive Car Services to places like New York, Atlantic City, Baltimore and other points of interest are actually quite common. With so many cities within driving distance, many companies will leverage our fleet of luxury vehicles. This makes attending meetings easier than ever before.

A search for corporate transportation services near me will likely show you that KSTG is a top-tier business car service. So whether it is a one-off meeting or a recurring visit, KSTG can set you up. We have the perfect vehicle and Chauffeur to make your travel as smooth as possible.

If I am a regular client of your Executive Car Services, is it possible to request specific vehicles or Chauffeurs?

In fact, many clients don’t even need to make the request. With KSTG’s proprietary software, we can easily match vehicles and Chauffeurs to your profile. This way, when you call to book, we can easily assign those Chauffeurs who assisted you in the past.

We have found that clients like the familiar face. This also helps KSTG learn specific preferences like your favorite radio station or preferred bottle of water. With KSTG, it is those little touches that often go a long way.

Sometimes I have a group of employees attending a meeting. Is that something you can handle with your Corporate Transportation Division?

It is. KSTG’s Corporate Transportation Division handles groups of many sizes across the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. Enjoy our stress-free approach to booking and moving large parties.

Our group transportation services can cater to parties of all sizes. Sedan is the most common request. However, we handle trips every day that require SUV’s, Sprinters and even Mini-Buses for larger groups. Simply contact KSTG’s Corporate Transportation Philadelphia Division today for any transportation need you have.

Do you handle Airport Transportation in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?

KSTG does handle Airport Transportation in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. This includes airports in New York, New Jersey and the Maryland and Washington, DC area. Enjoy our top-tier executive transportation service for all of your local airport connections.

Sometimes I have larger groups that fly into the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. Can your Airport Transportation team handle arrivals across multiple days?

We can. We often handle special events, training classes and other groups that often require numerous pickups and drop-offs. Large groups are no problem for us.

We can even take on bookings that require a variety of fleet options. KSTG can customize an Airport Transportation solution based on the size of your group, the timing of their flights, and more.

What if I need Airport Transportation for employees that have very late or very early arrivals or departures in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?

You don’t have to do anything different than what you do today. A KSTG Corporate Concierge can arrange all of the details for you. With a 24/7 operation today, we are equipped to meet your needs. What you consider an unusual request is simply business as usual for KSTG in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.

We have employees who require connections from the train station to the office. Can you help with this?

What you need are Employee Shuttle Services. KSTG runs numerous Employee Shuttle Services for companies across the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. Employee Shuttle Services typically encompass shuttling employees at the beginning and the end of the work day.

KSTG can build out your SOW and manage the logistics. Most importantly, we can provide a safe and convenient way for your employees to get to work. We have years of experience designing custom transportation plans and can help your team develop yours with ease.

Are there other benefits besides transportation from initiating an Employee Shuttle Service?

Absolutely. Many of our clients have taken our Employee Shuttle Service as the opening to expand their recruiting range.

Markets previously identified as too far away are now simply a train stop away. This has expanded their talent pool and allowed them to improve their workforce in a very competitive job market. Employee Shuttle Services is not just an operational solution. It is also now an HR solution for those companies looking to grow.

My company currently has a work shuttle but the time and effort of maintaining and running it isn’t worth it anymore. How can you help?

We hear this story very often. We can help in a lot of ways.

One, does your shuttle have any value? If it does, we can help you sell it. Then, we can work with you to build out a solution that utilizes our fleet and staff.

You’ll remove the costs of the vehicle and staff from your books. More importantly, you’ll alleviate the stress of managing this shuttle every day. The side benefit is your employees in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area will now have a significantly better experience every day.

Do you offer Black Car Service in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?

We do offer Black Car Service in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. We see this option selected by many corporate travel clients who have a need to provide a safe and luxury transportation solution for their employees.

Our limousine service is a great choice for executive travelers who expect the very best.

How do we make sure the Black Car Service we reserve is what we want?

This is an easy answer for a company like Kevin Smith Transportation Group to answer. Our standard sedan is a Cadillac XTS. This means you are guaranteed the luxury you should expect from booking a Black Car Service in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.

What types of options do you offer around Company Shuttles in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?

When we build out a Company Shuttle Program in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area, it is best to customize based on the needs of a client. We have developed everything from shuttle service between satellite offices to daily shuttle service to the airport or train station.

If you need to move employees with regular frequency in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area, we recommend speaking with a KSTG Corporate Concierge. They can listen to your needs and work with you and your team to build out a custom solution.

Our company does a couple of retreats in the Greater Philadelphia, PA during the year. Is this something you can assist with?

Absolutely. Our corporate event transportation services team regularly arranges special event transportation for our clients.

Our Special Events Team at KSTG can handle the logistics for all of your ground transportation needs. Often, this includes multiple vehicles and specialized transportation for Senior Management. This also requires on-the-ground Project Managers to coordinate every step of the way.

Do you ever offer special rates for employees of your corporate clients?

Yes, we do. Many of our clients in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area have asked us to build out specialized rates for their employees’ personal use. To learn more about this, call KSTG and ask to speak to our Vice President of Client Services. They can help you put a program together.