Daycare Facilities

Daycare Facilities

From Infant Care to Kindergarten, our daycare partners are providing a pathway to a more positive, successful learning experience. Safety of those same children is a primary component of your mission and at Kevin Smith Transportation Group, we share the same goals. Call KSTG today at 610-222-6225 and speak with one of our Logistics Managers who can assist you with any transportation needs you might have. From the former Police Officer who oversees our entire Fleet and Driver Safety Program to our Clients Liaisons who focus on every school’s satisfaction, KSTG can deliver your children on time and safely for every excursion they go on.

Day Trips

  • Trying to coordinate 50 or more children to the Philadelphia Zoo or just a local park – Let KSTG send you our Mini Bus’s which are perfect for short rides or long hauls
  • Do rainouts and date changes challenge your existing partners – Our Logistics Managers will work directly with you to ensure the right vehicle is available come rain or shine

Safety and Comfort

  • Want a partner who is even more conscious of the children’s safety – Leverage KSTG’s Safety Program designed and managed by former Police Officers ensuring every ride is as safe as possible
  • Do the long rides make it harder for the kids to relax – With 2 TV’s on board and a USB port at every seat, we will entertain and relax even your most excitable child

Vehicle Flexibility

  • Does your group size vary from 10 to 60 or more – At KSTG, we believe the right sized vehicle for every group makes the overall travel experience better for your children and your employees
  • Planning a spontaneous excursion for later in the week – Call KSTG and we will work with you to make the entire day an amazing one