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This is one in a series of blogs sharing stories of Party Bus rentals in Philadelphia, PA and across the tri-state area.  As the leading luxury Party Bus company in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, Kevin Smith Transportation Group gets the chance to help facilitate some of the most entertaining excursions in the area.  This blog will tell “some” of those stories.

Are you looking to book a Party Bus in the greater Philadelphia, PA area?  Whether the trip is a Night on the Town or a Weekend Getaway, simply call KSTG today at 610-222-6225 and let one of our Party Bus Planners arrange all of your transportation.  From daytrips to overnight excursions, let KSTG handle all of the driving so you can focus on the fun.

A Party Bus rental to Longwood Gardens is the perfect way to get the party started hours before you arrive to your final destination.  Here at KSTG, we have had 4 recent bookings where their Party Bus rental took them to Longwood Gardens.  Here are those stories.

Story 1 – Family Outing

Christmas means Longwood Gardens for one client of KSTG and it is a  generational event with 4 generations represented.  The family totaled 28 people ranging in age from 3 to 74.

By booking our largest Party Bus, the family was able to travel together, providing an enhanced experience over just driving separately.

Story 2 – 45th Birthday Party

For 14 people from New Hope, this was a chance to celebrate together while enjoying everything that Longwood Gardens has to offer.  Booked during the holiday season, Longwood Gardens is at their best at this time of year.

The group wrapped their night up by having a late dinner at a boutique Italian restaurant that was a favorite of theirs.  Drop-off occurred a little after Midnight where we believe the party may have continued.

Story 3 – Anniversary Celebration

Every Wedding anniversary should be celebrated and while this couple was only at 4 years, a trip to Longwood Gardens with their Bridal Party made for a mini-reunion.

14 in total, they spent more than a few hours taking in all of the sights and sounds that Longwood Gardens had to offer before stopping back off in King of Prussia for a late dinner and some more cocktails.

Story 4 – Mom’s Weekend

For 10 moms, this was a chance to ditch the husbands and kids (sorry husbands and kids!).  Packed with beverages and snacks, this Party Bus booking was ready for a night out.

They arrived at Longwood Gardens expecting the visit to be no more than 2 hours.  More than 4 hours later, they strolled back onto the Party Bus ready to continue their festivities.

That is all we can share…

Party Bus Rental Options

There are many options to consider when booking a party Bus, the most important being how many people will be in your group.  The perfect size vehicle is critical to ensuring you and your entire group is comfortable and ready for a night of fun.

Too crowded and no one will be comfortable.  Too big a Party Bus and your group could get lost.  The good news when booking with Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the features in the Party Buses are very similar.

From state of the art Surround Sound Systems to multiple televisions and built-in bars, every amenity was considered when the Party Buses were built.  You just need to pick your specific Party Bus and lock up your reservation.

  • 14 Passenger Party Bus – This is perfect for smaller sized groups who are still looking to enjoy the feel that only a luxury Party Bus can deliver.
  • 18 Passenger Party Bus – The next size up, your group is larger but the additional bar and seating still deliver an intimate setting.
  • 23 Passenger Party Bus – Now you’re talking! The party just got bigger and so did your luxury Party Bus with Kevin Smith Transportation Group.
  • 28 Passenger Party Bus – The “Executive” Party Bus of the fleet. Built for long-distance travel, this Party Bus is idea for trips to Manhattan as well as an Eagles tailgate.
  • 40 Passenger Party Bus – We call this the Story Party Bus as the stories that happen on this bus should be left on the bus. The ultimate in Party Bus entertainment.

Destination Fun Longwood Gardens

Party Bus rentals to Longwood Gardens are perfect regardless of the event or the time of the year.  With Kevin Smith Transportation Group, you are guaranteed luxury and the regions #1 rated Party Bus company.

To speak to a KSTG Party Bus Planner, call 610-222-6225  today and let us help you build out the perfect night in a KSTG Party Bus.

As a bonus, check out this blog on 10 Reasons why you should rent a Party Bus for your next Birthday and visit us every week at as we share some of the more intriguing and exciting destinations of our clients as they rent their Party Buses with Kevin Smith Transportation Group.