E-Z Payment Program

Planning a group night out but don’t want to chase down 15 different people for money? Well, here at Kevin Smith Transportation Group, we have a solution. Simply call our concierge service and let us help you book your vehicle. We’ll take your credit card to secure the reservation and then from the list of attendees you provide us, we will contact them and collect the payment for you!

The E-Z Payment Program works great for nights on the town, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, concerts, sporting events and any event where multiple parties are sharing a vehicle.

It’s that simple. No more having friendships breakup because of someone refusing to pay. No more uncomfortable calls to the groom’s brother telling him to pay up. At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, it is our job to make your life easier and with our E-Z Payment Program, you can now focus on having fun and leave the collections to us!