Enjoy the Ride – 5 Ways to Improve Your Commute

Enjoy the Ride - 5 Ways to Improve Your Commute

In America alone, an estimated 25 million people spend over an hour commuting to work every day, and over 600,000 spend up to 3 hours on their daily commute. That adds up to a lot of time! Your work commute may not be your favorite part of the day, but that doesn’t mean it has to drain you. With a little thought, planning, and creativity, you can grow to enjoy this part of everyday life.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

The best route for you

What does your ideal route look like? Is it the most direct, but possibly more expensive? Does it have fewer changes? Is it one where you can relax along the way? Improving your commute is not just about getting to your destination. It’s about enjoying as many hours in the day as possible.

Use apps and tools

Happily, for the modern commuter, you can now be forewarned of possible disruptions to your journey. Using traffic apps or transit social feeds can alert you to delays, accidents, or bad traffic before you get stuck in the middle of it. Some commuters use WhatsApp groups to warn each other about delays or to carpool to the office or station.

Tailor your environment

Just because you’re out and about, doesn’t mean you can’t be in your happy place. Whether you’re driving or on public transport, keep your mind and ears occupied with your favorite sounds – whether that’s music, podcasts, or even the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. If you’re able to concentrate while on your commute, you can try learning a new language. With at least two hours a day to spend on it, you’ll be fluent in no time!

Plan ahead

It might be tempting to leave at the last minute but that can cause a lot of unnecessary stress – and with a full day of work ahead of you, who needs that? Leaving just 15 minutes earlier leaves room for last minute changes, disruptions, or forgotten tasks. It allows for possible delays on public transport, or traffic, if you’re driving.

Treat yourself

If you’re looking for a completely stress-free journey, you can always hire a professional service. A chauffeur will take care of all the planning ahead – adjusting for routes, weather, and disruptions – allow you to make stops if you want to and ensure that every step of the journey is as relaxing and pleasant for you as possible. With every element of a commute taken out of your hands, you are free to focus on whatever you want to give your attention to.

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