From Misery to Magic – Tips for Your Rainy Wedding Day

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Checking the weather forecast for your wedding day and seeing rain can definitely be a downer. No one wants to be dashing through the droplets, ruining their hair and dress, and getting gray backgrounds in their wedding pictures.

But there’s no need to worry. With just a few tweaks to the original plan, you can have a rainy wedding day that is every bit as magical as a sunny one.

The two main things you need to think about are logistics and accessories. This means rethinking spaces at the venue and adding pretty, yet practical accessories that can get you through with a minimum of fuss, and maybe even some fun.

Let’s get into it below.

Talk to the venue and your planner

Chances are the venue already has contingencies in place for weather changes. Your planner may be able to suggest canopies or gazebos where guests can take cover if there is only light rain predicted. In the case of heavier showers, you might need to move the whole wedding inside. More on that to follow.

The great indoors

You would be surprised how much an indoor venue can be made to look like the great outdoors. Flowers and foliage are one of the best ways to make this happen. Twinkling fairy lights, floating lanterns, and a projected starry sky after the sun sets can complete the illusion.

Check the walkways

Make sure that all entryways and walkways have been rain-proofed and that there are no slippery surfaces. Have non-slip material laid down on walkways if needed and make sure there are plenty of mats and rugs for guests to wipe their feet on.

Décor counts

Why not go the whole hog and take advantage of the cozy rain feeling by doing up your décor differently? Embrace the concept of ‘Hygge’ and watch as your wedding is transformed into a cozy paradise where your guests will love every minute of their experience.

Creative photography

Look around for a photographer who specializes in rainy day photos – and don’t doubt for a minute that these can be every bit as beautiful as sun kissed ones. A great photographer uses the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Do drinks differently

Instead of the usual champagne or wine, try themed cocktails. You’d be surprised how much a Dark and Stormy can brighten up your day. You can also try serving warm drinks like Hot Toddy, Mulled Wine, Hot Buttered Rum, Irish Coffee, Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Toasty, or even Snowball Shooters. The party is just getting started!

Get the rain-proof look

Make sure both your makeup artist and hair stylist know what you need. Use only waterproof makeup and ask your stylist to give you a hairstyle that won’t easily be affected by wind or rain.

Stay dry

Have small piles of towels throughout the wedding venue so that your guests (and you) are not left dripping after an encounter with the rain gods. If the towels are warmed, they will go over even better!

Let us help you celebrate a rainy wedding day instead of dreading it. Our party buses, shuttle services, and luxury limousines are at your beck and call to make sure you arrive safely, smoothly, and most of all, stylishly.