Funeral Homes and Services

Funeral Homes and Services

Funeral and Memorial Services are often a celebration of someone’s life. Every service presents its own challenges and transportation shouldn’t have to be one of them. At KSTG, we prefer to be an extension of your team. Call 610-222-6225 and ask to speak directly with our Chief Operating Officer who will work with you to coordinate these critical, sensitive bookings. Every detail will be confirmed to ensure our services are delivered professionally and respectfully.

Generational Services

  • For many of our Funeral Home Partners, their businesses are generational, passed down from one family member to another – At KSTG, we are also a family business and know what it means to have our family name on everything we do
  • Every service is an opportunity to be exceptional and to continue to build your brand – For KSTG, our belief is our brand is an extension of yours and it is our job to make every engagement memorable and respectful

On-Demand Requirements

  • At KSTG, we understand that many times your clients are dealing with the unexpected – Within 24 hours of any request, our team will build out a solution to fit your needs and if required will walk the facilities ahead of time to ensure we understand the specific requirements for that booking
  • Our chauffeurs work for you – For any funeral or memorial service, our chauffeurs will perform their duties as trained but will take direction from your team as to where and when you need them, every step of the way

Fleet Options

  • Our Partners often have their own in-house vehicles which supports their day to day needs – At KSTG, we fit in when there is a need to move larger groups that would work better in one of our Sprinter Vans or Mini Busses, vehicles designed for funeral or memorial services
  • Clients have a request for a one off stretch limousine or luxury SUV – Speak with our COO directly and we’ll make sure the perfect vehicle is available and at your disposal for as long as you need it