How Much do You Tip a Limo Driver?

how much do you tip a limo driver

Chauffeured transportation is no different from any other service. When securing yourself a limo driver for airport transportation, there always is a question of how much I should tip.

There definitely are some things to consider when estimating the value of the tip. These would include the number of passengers, luggage, service and type of vehicle.

Finally, you need to also understand what is included or isn’t included in your cost of the rental. Some companies might include a standard gratuity and others may not.

So let’s review the items most important in determining if a tip should be included for your limo driver when utilizing a limo service.

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How Much Do You Tip a Limo Driver?

When determining the right amount to tip your limo driver, keep these 5 things in mind.

1. What type of vehicle are you in?

The type of vehicle, from Stretch Limousine to a traditional sedan like a Cadillac XTS, should be considered. Specialized vehicles require more training and skill and the cost of the ride should be commensurate with your tip size.

2. Did you pack for a year’s vacation?!

When your driver has to unload 10 pieces of luggage that has all of the clothes you own, that should be taken into consideration when estimating a tip. Traveling with just an overnight bag, a bump in the tip likely isn’t necessary.

3. How was the service?

Service still matters! Did you have a good experience? Was it great? When deciding how much to tip your limo driver for a ride to the airport, take into consideration if there was fresh bottled water, maybe a newspaper or other convenience, making your trip that much more comfortable.

4. Was there a lot of traffic?

Why does traffic impact the tip? If your driver, out of his control, gets stuck in a lot of traffic, he may lose the ability to pick up other runs, impacting his compensation. While totally up to the passenger, a few extra dollars in tip may make the difference on how your chauffeur’s day goes and if deserved, is probably the right thing to do.

5. What if the tip is included?

If the tip was included in the set price for your trip, consider tipping more only if one of the previous points made the effort given by the chauffeur above and beyond. Otherwise, the standard tip for your limo driver is probably enough.

tipping a limo driver

Tipping Limo Drivers Outlined

Clearly, we see that many factors go into how much to tip a limo driver for a ride to the airport. Like any service, as a passenger, you should take in the entire experience before making any decision. However, a gratuity of $10-$40 is common for tipping a limo driver for driving you to or from the airport.

Like other people in service positions, from waiters and waitresses to bellman in a hotel, tips are the primary income for chauffeurs. So while they are motivated to do well, it takes an aware passenger to recognize the difference between average and above average service.

So the next time you have a limo driver take you to the airport, whether it is in a Mini Bus or a Party Bus, assess their skills and effort and tip accordingly.

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