How Much Does it Cost To Rent a Limo?

If you average things out, limo service costs around $85 – $145 per hour.
Usually, people spend from $424 – $950 to book a limo rental for an entire night. It really all depends on the size of the limo, when you want to book it, and for how long. If you already have the answer to those questions, it’s quite simple to estimate how much a limo costs.

So you want to rent a limo?

Renting a stretch limousine can make a routine night on the town a night to remember! However, it is a good idea to have some idea about how much a limo costs if you are going to rent one. While you might not have a firm budget, understanding all of the costs that might be involved will minimize your chance of spending more than you wanted to. Here are a few things that usually determine the total cost of a limo:

  • The size of the limo – the bigger the limo, the higher the hourly rate
  • When you rent the limo – weekends and special events will cost more
  • How many hours you want the limo – the longer the rental, the more it will cost
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How Much Does a Limo Rental Cost?

There are the top 4 things you need to know when trying to determine how much a limo costs.

1. The Size of the Limo

Limos come in a whole range of styles and sizes! Some limos hold only 4 to 6 people while others can fit upto 16 guests. You have SUV limos, traditional sedans, or super stretches. Each type of limo will have a different rent cost so knowing how big a limo you need and the type you want will be a big help.

2. When You Want the Limo Service?

Like many other services, during certain days of the week or times of the year, the demand for limo service is higher. Demand plays a big role in how much your limo will cost. Saturdays are popular wedding days so the cost of a limo is often higher because limo companies are busier. Meanwhile, Tuesdays are a bit slower causing the price to drop. So booking a limo for a concert or sporting event on the weekend will likely be a bit more pricey than a weekday.

3. How Long You Want the Limo?

Time is a factor, as limo service is usually charged at an hourly rate. The hourly rates for limos can range from $75 to $200 per hour depending on the company and the style of the limousine. There is also usually a minimum requirement of time you have to book the limo for. However, when renting a limo for longer periods of time, say 7 hours or more, you may get a discount on your hourly rate, lowering the total cost of the limo. Many rentals for events like Nights on the Town or Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties will last 8 hours or more.

4. Is Gratuity Included in the Cost of the Limo Service?

Every company handles gratuity differently. Some companies will include the gratuity in the cost of booking limo service and others will add it as a separate charge when quoting you. So when calling for a quote, make sure you ask if the gratuity is included in the cost of the limo. Events like weddings often will include the gratuity as they know the bride and groom will likely not be carrying cash with them on the day they use the limo.

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How Much Does a Limo Cost?

Limo Style Passengers Average Cost
Luxury Sedans 2-3 $65-$105/hr
Luxury SUVs 3-6 $75-$115/hr
Limousine (small) 4-6 $85-$130/hr
Limousine (large) 6-10 $95-$145/hr
SUV Limousine 10-16 $125-$190/hr
Party Bus (small) 12-18 $130-$200/hr
Party Bus (large) 20-32 $150-$210/hr

The rates above represent average rates across the country. Traditionally, larger metro markets like Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding suburbs may be higher. Keep in mind as well that weekend rates, like Fridays and Saturdays, prom season (March through May) and the heavy wedding months (April-June and September to October) will be higher as demand is significantly greater. Finally, if you go for a high-end limo, you likely will also see a higher than average cost.

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Limo Costs Revealed

Ultimately, there are many factors that will impact the cost of your limo. It is important that you ask questions that will help you determine the total cost of the limo. When possible, take advantage of the slower times when you can save money on the cost of the limo. Weekdays, Sundays and off-season weekend days may present some lower costs. If you have to rent a limo during a busy day or time of the year, consider renting it for a longer period of time, reducing the hourly cost of the limo, especially for special events like a Wine Tour. You may also save some money if you book the limo out further in advance, before the limousine company gets too busy. Finally, enjoy the limo! Renting a limo is a special event and you should make the most of the time in the limo. For one night, you can leave all your worries behind and simply be present in whatever adventure you planned in your limo.

Here are some of the more popular questions we get asked.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a limo per hour?

A: As the table above shows, the costs can vary depending upon the type of limo, when you want to book the limo and how long you want to book the limo. The best way to confirm the price is to speak directly with a limo company.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a limo for a wedding?

A: The cost to rent a limo for a wedding will depend on a variety of details, including day of the week and the season. Hourly rates can vary from as low as $100 to as much as $300 as more depending on the vehicle size.

Q: How much does a limo cost for a day?

A: The limo cost is based on how many hours you need it, recognizing that the longer you rent the limo, you may get a discount on the last few hours. So you need to confirm how many hours you want the limo to determine the cost for the day.

Q: How much are limos for prom?

A: Similar to weddings, limos for prom can cost more than other events due to the high demand. Hourly rates can vary from as low as $100 an hour to upwards of $275 depending upon the size of the vehicle.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a limo for 5 hours?

A: According to normal rates, it could cost as little as $425 and as much as $950. To confirm your cost, you would need to define the type of limo you want to rent and when you want to rent it.

Q: How much is it to rent a limo for a day?

A: If you want to rent a limo for the day, you would expect the cost to be anywhere from $600 to $2,000 or more. The range in cost is due to the size and time of the year when you want to rent a limo.

Q: How much do you tip a limo driver?

A: You will tip a limo driver based on the number of hours you rent the limo and the total cost of your rental. Generally speaking, most people tip 18% to 20% of the overall cost.

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