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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Party Bus?

how much does it cost to rent a party bus

So, you want to get all your friends together and hit the town for a night out of bar hopping, karaoke and other shenanigans. Rather than making everyone meet downtown, deciding who is going to be the designated drivers, and trying to find overpriced parking, you come up with the brilliant idea of a party bus rental.

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So You Want to Rent a Party Bus. Now What?

You’ve contacted all your friends, told them instead of trying to figure out all the logistics of everyone getting downtown by themselves, we should just rent a party bus instead. Awesome! Now what? Well, like any logical person now-a-days you’ll grab your phone or laptop and Google “how much does it cost to rent a party bus”.

Cool. Now you have about 80 million results (we’re not joking) of aggregate sites titled something likeΒ  “The 10 Best Party Bus Rentals near [your geographic location]”, a blog post by ABC Limo company from 2006 , and non-relevant charter bus rental sites. Great, you’re basically back to square one.

how much does it cost to rent a party bus results

You could of course click one of the oh so catchy “Top 10” lists, and check out all the “sponsored” companies that overpaid to be on that list. But, chances are, those are the type of companies you’ll want to avoid.

How to Pick a Party Bus Rental Company

Instead of using one of the fore-mentioned lists, try googling “party bus rental near me” or in our case, “party bus rental philadelphia”. Obviously change the location to whatever your metro or city is. This should give you a good starting list of companies. So, how do you pick? Here are 4 things to look for in a party bus rental company.

1. Price πŸ’°

One of the most important factors for most people is the price. Especially when getting a large group together, you’ll want to just go with the best price possible, right? Not always. There are a few more factors you’ll want to consider before making your final choice.

2. Reviews ⭐️

Arguably, reviews and ratings are the key factor now-a-days when choosing any service online, especially one you know very little about. Make sure the company you go with has great online reviews. While Bob’s Bargain Limo service may have the best price in town, his 1.8 star rating will usually tell you why.

3. Buses 🚌

Another key factor when deciding on a party bus rental company is the buses themselves. You don’t want your party bus pulling up looking like hot garbage, smelling of smoke with rips and tears on the seats. Make sure you ask for pictures of the actual bus you’ll be renting,. Better yet, go see the bus in person if you can. Any company that tries to tell you “no you can’t”, steer clear.

4. Service πŸ‘

One final thing to keep an eye open for is customer service. If you sent an email request in online or talked to someone over the phone, how did they respond? Did they email you back quickly with all your questions answered? Where they courteous over the phone? Or did they email you back 3 days later or answer the phone with “Yeah, this is Bob”? I don’t think I need to tell you which one you should go with.

Party Bus Rental Prices

Alright, it’s time to get what you came here for. Party bus rental prices. To give you the short answer: Party bus rental prices can range anywhere from $120/hour to $400/hour depending on a few factors.

Time of Year πŸ“†

During slower times of the year, typically between January and March, some companies will discount their party bus prices to make up for the slower time of year. Busier times of the year, think Spring and Fall, expect to pay normal prices or even a premium.

Day of the Week πŸ—“

For most party bus rental companies, Sunday’s thru Thursday’s are consider the “slow days”. If you’re trying to save some cash, booking on one of these days could work out nicely. But, if you are trying to rent a party bus for either a Friday or Saturday night, expect to pay normal or premium rates.

Different Occasions πŸŽ‰

Some special occasions will come with a premium mark up in price. For example, Weddings typically come with a 30-50% higher price tag vs normal rates. This is very common in the wedding industry, not just for limo and party bus rentals.

Party Bus Sizes 🚌

The size of the party bus can also effect the price. Don’t expect to pay the same price for a 18 passenger party bus as you would for a 32 passenger party bus. Different amenities such as a bathroom or refreshments will also effect the price of the bus.

How Much is a Party Bus Rental?

Party Bus Size Average Cost
18-20 Passenger Party Bus $120-$180/hour
21-25 Passenger Party Bus $200-$250/hour
26-30 Passenger Party Bus $260-$300/hour
32-40 Passenger Party Bus $300-$400/hour

The above table is a representation of the average hourly rates across the transportation industry.

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Party Bus Prices Revealed

Ultimately, there are many factors that will impact the cost of your party bus rental. It is important that you ask questions that will help you determine the total cost of renting a party bus.

Here some popular questions we get asked

Can you bring your own alcohol on a party bus?

Yes! Any adult that is 21 or older can bring and consume their own alcohol on a party bus.

What is the purpose of a party bus?

The purpose of a party bus is to have fun! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding or just a night out with friends, a party bus is always the right choice!

How much is a party bus to Atlantic City?

Typically a party bus from Philadelphia to Atlantic City will range from $350 to $800, depending on how long you rent the party bus for.

How much is a party bus to NYC?

On average, a party bus rental from Philadelphia to New York City will cost between $450 and $1000, depending on the rental time.

What drinks to have on a party bus?

For the sake of not making messes and spilling drinks everywhere, we recommend bringing drinks that come pre-packaged in a can or bottle, that are easily stored in a cooler or on board bar.

Do party buses have bathrooms?

While smaller party buses tend to no have bathrooms on board, most larger parties buses do have bathrooms available.

Do you tip a party bus driver?

While most companies will include the driver gratuity in the price you are already paying. However, if you feel you received excellent service in your party bus rental, additional tipping is certainly not discouraged.