How to Organise the Perfect Holiday in 2020

After what’s been a rollercoaster ride of a year, the holiday season is finally here! If you saved up a whole lot of vacation days—because of, you know the traveling ban—you can still plan the perfect holiday in 2020. Although flying to exotic beaches may be out of the question you can still make the most of your holidays. Read on to discover how you can organise a fun, safe holiday in 2020!

Ditch Public Transportation

Traveling for hours with strangers in a confined, air-conditioned space probably isn’t the best idea if you’re trying to stay safe on your holiday! If possible try to avoid crowded areas like airports or train stations, and book black car service for your long distance travel. You won’t have to deal with the stress of driving long hours, you can minimise contact with strangers, and you can be sure the car has been sanitized before you step inside. You’ll still have a comfortable, luxurious trip, and you won’t have to stress if you or a family member is at high-risk if exposed. 

Stick to the Outdoors

Being cooped up indoors isn’t fun for anyone, and now, studies have shown that the great outdoors are relatively safer. A great way to enjoy a weekend trip is to book a wine trail or a brewery tour. You won’t have to deal with the strict restrictions of pubs and restaurants, and enjoy the fresh air. You can go romantic with limo service, or splash out with a party bus for the whole crew! 

Plan Ahead

Flying by the seat of your pants probably isn’t the best POA for a perfect holiday in 2020. With extra safety precautions and measures in place, checking in for a flight takes longer, and last minute hotel bookings aren’t as easily managed. Book your airport car for two hours earlier than you normally would, and check the quarantine guidelines, or testing procedures if you’re planning on leaving the country – you don’t want to get caught out last minute.

Follow Safety Protocols

It’s safe to say that safety first isn’t just a slogan anymore. The best way to keep your holiday plans on track is to follow safety protocols. Where your mask when required, maintain physical distancing, use hand sanitizer prodigiously and keep your party within the specified limits. Once you’ve done everything you can to stay safe, you can relax and enjoy some much needed downtime – you deserve it! 

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