How to Pull Off a Stress-Free Wedding Day

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It’s natural to want your big day to make a big impression. With so many novel ideas and themed weddings out there, keeping it to traditional décor and with a traditional itinerary can seem so last decade.

But with all the work that goes into a wedding, it can feel like you’re just adding to your workload. You may not even know where to start. Plus, there’s all the logistics, and those can be another headache to sort through. Let’s go through some ways to pull off a great wedding day that doesn’t stress you out.

The venue

Before The Day: Tips for Success

The best place to start is at the venue you’ve chosen. There are some basic things you need to establish before you can start on your prep and planning. These are:

  • When will you get access to the venue?
  • What time will it be set up and ready to decorate?
  • Will someone be there when the décor is dropped off or is that something you have to organize?
  • Do they have someone who can help you with set up?
  • Are you permitted to hang things from the walls or ceiling?
  • Will you need to hire professionals for those tasks?
  • Are there events happening at the venue right before or right after yours?
  • Are you able to store your décor there and if so for how long?
  • Do they deal directly with suppliers?

Oftentimes, a venue will be able to put you in contact with the best vendors for what you’re looking for, so it’s always a good idea to ask them first.

The planner

Your Wedding Day- Where to Start to End Up Ahead

No matter how efficient or good at time-management you are, at the end of the day, you want your wedding day to be stress free. That’s why it’s recommended to hire a planner, someone who will take care of the logistics, planning, and communication. Very often, wedding planners have long lists of vendors they have worked with in the past, which will take some of the decision-making strain off you.

The mockups

Try to find out how the venue will look before the big day. Although you won’t have all the final bits like fresh flowers, lighting, or other décor items, get as much as you can together beforehand and try it out. Take some photos and see what works and what doesn’t.

The instructions

Distinctive Decor, Planning & Prep: How-to

Whether a friend or acquaintance is helping you out, or you’ve hired a planner, give them the clearest instructions you can. A good planner will ask the right questions, but an acquaintance may or may not. It will be up to you to specify exactly what you’re looking for. Providing them with photos is a clear way to get your instructions across.

The tools

From pins to white tack, there are so many little tools you may not know you need until the moment you need it. That’s why you need to have a little toolkit at the ready with handy items that can act as quick fixes, and perhaps even the glue that ends up holding things together – literally. You can find a list of essentials here.

The preparation

Enjoy a Blissful Wedding Day with These Tips

Always plan for more time than you think you will need. There is no stress like a fast-approaching deadline while things fall apart around you. Give yourself a buffer so nothing is left till the last minute. That’s how mistakes are made, and, in the end, you want to be happy with the finished product and beaming on your big day. Give yourself at least double the time you think it will take.

The day after

Having a day-after plan is an important part of the wedding day. You should know who is in charge of taking down the décor, if the venue is willing to store it for you, if you have to collect it and when. That way, you can sort it out in advance and jet off on your honeymoon in bliss.