Why Law Firms Sign Contracts for Airport Transportation

This is one in a series of blogs detailing how law firms in Philadelphia and across the 5 suburban counties leverage the #1 rated transportation company, Kevin Smith Transportation Group, to maximize billable hours, deliver superior service to their clients and offer an extensive suite of services to their own employees.    

Are you looking to book transportation for your employees or your clients?  If so, call KSTG today at 610-222-6225 and let one of our “Legal Specialists” arrange all of your transportation needs.  Pennsylvania’s #1 rated Luxury Fleet is the perfect partner for any sized law firm.    

Top 5 Reasons Why Law Firms Sign Contracts for Airport Transportation

Law firms face significant competition to deliver not just exceptional representation but also a superior experience.  Leading law firms have started to leverage a luxury transportation partner who can deliver a variety of services.

Here are the top 5 reasons why law firms sign contracts for Airport Transportation. 

  • Duty of Care – Employee safety is no less important in law firms that it is for any other industry.  By securing a contract with a regulated, professional transportation company, law firms can ensure a safe travel experience for all of their employees.
  • Convenience – After a long business trip, the luxury of having somebody you trust waiting curbside is a significant improvement to having to “order on demand” a car with no idea what you may get.
  • Savings – Things like surge pricing and rate premiums go away when you negotiate a fixed fee contract for all of your ground transportation.
  • Luxury – There is something to be said for climbing into a well-maintained vehicle after a long day of travel.  When you sign a contract, you can ensure you always get the vehicle you want.
  • Flexibility – Not every business trip will leave from Philadelphia International.  Not every request will just be for a sedan.  With a signed contract, you can secure anything from a sedan to a mini bus from Newark to Kennedy to any one of more than a dozen airports in the area. 

Law Firms Top Vehicle Options

Whether the need is internal for a Partner meeting or transportation for a valued client, it is extremely beneficial to partner with a Luxury Brand that can offer a variety of fleet options to choose from.  Here are the most popular choices that law firms in the greater Philadelphia, PA area book with Kevin Smith Transportation Group.

  • Luxury Sedans and SUV’s

KSTG’s fleet of Luxury Sedans and SUV’s are the perfect choices for law firms that need transportation for up to 5 people.   They provide the perfect blend of professionalism and comfort that every leading law firm can feel comfortable having their Brand represented in.      

  • Executive Shuttles and Mini-Buses

These vehicles are perfect for law firms that are looking to move larger groups up to 30 people at one time.  While still maintaining the Luxury Brand that KSTG is known for, this part of the fleet plays a vital role for law firms who want to provide the “wow factor” for their employees and their clients. 

  • Stretch Limousines

While not as popular a vehicle today as they were in the 80’s and 90’s, the fleet of Stretch Limousines that KSTG offers to their law firms are perfect vehicles for special events where the purest form of luxury is stepping inside a stretch. 

  • Coach Buses

KSTG’s fleet of Coach Buses are the perfect vehicle choice for law firms who need to move larger groups in size, from 50 to as many as 300 or more.  Perfect for off-site meetings, a Chauffeured driven Coach Bus still provides the luxury service that law firms have come to expect from KSTG. 

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Thank you for reading today’s blog on transportation services for law firms.  To learn more about Kevin Smith Transportation Group’s services for law firms, visit our blog series on law firm transportation needs or check out our services page for Corporate Transportation.  To see all of the vehicle options, visit KSTG’s Fleet Page