Law Firms

Law Firms

Are you maximizing your billable hours?  Do you arrive at every deposition, trial or client meeting relaxed and ready to work?  Call 610-222-6225 today and KSTG will develop a customized transportation solution to handle every scenario imagined.  Let us assign you your own Transportation Concierge and we’ll handle the logistics so you and your team can focus on servicing your clients.

Maximize your Billable Hours

Every attorney has raced from one appointment to the next, trying to juggle the traffic while also trying to navigate in their mind their notes for the next meeting.  How many billable hours have you lost while looking for a spot to park or an alternate route to get to your meeting in time?

  • When your billable rate is up to 5 times or more the hourly rate for a chauffeured vehicle – Let KSTG send an experienced chauffeur to deliver you on time, relaxed and most importantly, maximizing your billable time.
  • Juggling phone calls, your parking receipt and your GPS – Sit in the back of a KSTG vehicle and return your voicemails and emails in privacy and comfort.

Client Meetings

Every attorney has that all-important client dinner that will hopefully lead to future business.  Every firm brings in clients for meetings with the hope that they can impress them with their capabilities.  Don’t let poor or unprofessional transportation be a detriment to your success.

  • When your focus needs to be on the meeting itself and not how you or your clients are going to get there – Let KSTG handle the logistics so that you and your clients can sit back and focus on more important tasks.
  • Distraction prevents everybody from giving full attention to something else – At KSTG, our team handles every detail so you know with confidence that when you step out the door, a professional chauffeur in a luxury vehicle will be waiting for you and your clients.

Hassle-free Travel

Every firm has that case of a lifetime, when every possible resource is being shuttled back and forth to court for weeks at a time.  At KSTG, we solve these challenges by dedicating customized vehicles that can move entire teams on-demand. 

  • When a 45 minute car ride could be used as a brainstorming session – Let KSTG arrange your trial and deposition transportation so that your teams can maximize their time every day
  • Early starts and late nights can put a strain on your partners – A KSTG chauffeur can help deliver your most valuable assets, your employees, safely and in comfort in the vehicle of your choice

Nationwide Coverage

Some of the largest law firms support clients with needs across the country.  When moving staff throughout the greater Philadelphia area and across the country, rely on one transportation partner for all your needs.

  • Flying in staff from outside the greater Philadelphia area – Let KSTG handle everything from their airport transfers to their day to day transportation needs
  • Moving your team through airports outside the area – KSTG can handle drop-off and pickup at any airport in the United States