Limo or Party Bus – Which Is the Best Option for You?

Limo or Party Bus – Which Is the Best Option for You?

Looking for the perfect vehicle for a special occasion or event you’ve got coming up? Limousines and party buses are two of the most popular options, but each one comes with elements that make it perfect for different requirements.

Let’s get into which one is right for your needs.

How many people are you transporting?

Party buses will generally hold a larger amount of people than a limousine can. So, if you have a large party and you want to all travel together, a party bus would be the better option. Our party buses can fit up to 23 people, while our limos can fit up to 16.

What’s the occasion?

Party buses can either get the party started or keep it going. It can be an exciting way to transport a group of people to or from a nightclub, concert, bachelor/bachelorette, sporting event, or wine tour. It’s also a fantastic way to carry on the celebration after a wedding reception.

However, on other occasions, a limo might be a better fit for you. Maybe the event is a corporate one and classiness and formality are the need of the day. Perhaps you’d love to feel like a celebrity on a big night out. Perhaps you have a proposal planned and want an atmosphere of luxury and intimacy. It all depends on the tone you want to set for the occasion.

What’s your budget?

Party buses and limos come at different rates, and that rate can depend on the amount of people being transported. You will have to assess your budget to figure out which one works out more economical for your plans. Generally, you might find that a party bus works out more economical, simply because it can fit more people, all of whom you can split the cost between.

What we can offer you

Our party buses come with leather wraparound seating, LED lighting, Bluetooth & Surround Sound, a custom bar, and – of course – a dance floor to complete the experience. Our limousines come with custom bars, overhead and side LED lights, 5 TV’s, transverse bench seating with ample leg room, and Surround Sound audio with Bluetooth – ultimate luxury limo service.

Whatever your needs and requirements, we’ll make sure we fulfill them to a ‘T’. Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the highest-rated luxury transportation group in the Philadelphia area and our team loves to exceed expectations. If you’re thinking of renting a limo or party bus, get in touch with us You won’t be disappointed.