Limo Service Near Me

limo service near me

“Limo Service Near Me”

There are thousands of queries made online every day using some version of “limo service near me”. The challenge is, sometimes the results Google will deliver may be in the hundreds when searching for executive car service in Philadelphia, Pa. So how do you determine which results are best for you?

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Should I check out their website and if so, what am I looking for? Should I call them? What should I ask? This article will hopefully assist you in this process so whether you are looking to book transportation for your wedding or just need to book transportation to the airport for your boss, our goal is to help you navigate through all those results and land on the perfect transportation partner for you.

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How to Select the Best Limo Service Near Me

Let’s work together to give you the answers you need to select the best limo service in your area. We will also assist in helping you understand why the term “Limo Service” is really just a starting point for all things ground transportation.

Question: So I Googled “limo service near me” and have 10 pages of results. I want to call and ask some questions. What should I ask?

Answer: Before you even ask any questions, see how they answer the phone. Does it sound professional? In an office? Did they greet you with the company and their name? Or did somebody answer the phone while they are driving? Did they just answer with “hello?” This likely means the “company” might be a one-man operation.

bad limo service vs good limo service

Question: Makes sense. So I have them on the phone and I need to talk to them about transportation services for my company. I see people talk online about executive car service. What is executive car service?

Answer: Executive Car Service in Philadelphia, Pa may mean different things to different companies . For some companies, it is simply transportation services, often taking the form of a sedan or an SUV, for employees in their company. For others, it might mean luxury transportation for senior management, often still taking the form of a sedan or an SUV. In either case, executive car service in Philadelphia, Pa is the preferred selection for companies who want to ensure their transportation solution is safe and reliable.

Question: What types of sedans or SUV’s should I be looking for? Many websites advertise their Town Cars.

Answer: There are many different options for sedans or SUV’s. While something like a Cadillac XTS or Yukon is the standard vehicle for Kevin Smith Transportation Group, sometimes the age is even more important. While all of our vehicles in this category are less than 24 months old, some companies try to save money by running vehicles for 6 or more years, resulting in a less than amazing experience for their clients. Also, Town Cars haven’t been built since 2011, so if you are being offered this as an option, run, do not pass go and move onto the next company.

Question: It sounds like executive car service is what I want to secure. Do I need to have a contract with Kevin Smith Transportation Group to utilize your executive car service in Philadelphia, Pa?

Answer: You do not need a contract to utilize KSTG’s executive car service in Philadelphia, PA. While we do have many clients who have contracts with us, which allows them to take advantage of our volume discounts, we do work with clients on a daily basis who request one-off executive car services. To book a one-off request, simply contact KSTG at 610-222-6225 and speak to a Transportation Concierge.

Question: We have some employees in our company who travel and on occasion use Uber or Lyft. What is the difference between your executive car services and using one of those? Also, are they safe?

Answer: The actual differences between our executive car service and Uber or Lyft are too numerous to list. While the obvious ones include safety (our Chauffeurs are background screened and fingerprinted while the mobile apps do not screen their drivers), training (they don’t train and we utilize a 50 point training program managed by our Fleet Manager who is a former Police Officer) and luxury (we don’t consider a 2011 Toyota Camry an Executive Car!), the reality is the safety and convenience of your employees is too much to risk not to use our executive car service. The benefits of a company like Kevin Smith Transportation Group as an executive car service partner is that we can support you in the Philadelphia, PA area and across the United States.

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Question: What if I need executive car services to take someone from Philadelphia, PA to another city nearby like New York?

Answer: Executive Car Services to places like New York, Atlantic City, Baltimore and other points of interest are actually quite common. With so many cities within driving distance, many companies will leverage our fleet of luxury vehicles to make attending meetings easier than ever before. So whether it is a one-off meeting or a recurring visit, KSTG can set you up with the perfect vehicle and Chauffeur to make your travel as smooth as possible.

Question: My boss travels almost every week and wants me to find somebody to partner with that he can get familiar with. If I am a regular client of your executive car services, is it possible to request specific vehicles or Chauffeurs?

Answer: Yes! In fact, many clients don’t even need to make the request. With KSTG’s proprietary software, we can easily match vehicles and Chauffeurs to your profile so that when you call to book, we can easily assign those Chauffeurs who assisted you in the past. We have found that clients like the familiar face and it helps KSTG learn specific preferences like your favorite radio station or preferred bottle of water. With KSTG, it is those little touches that often go a long way.

Question: Sometimes I have a group of employees attending a meeting. Is that something you can handle with your Corporate Transportation Division?

Answer: It is. KSTG’s Corporate Transportation Division handles groups of many sizes across Philadelphia, PA. So while the sedan may be the most common request, we handle trips every day that require SUV’s, Sprinters and even Mini-Buses for larger groups. Simply contact KSTG’s Corporate Transportation Division today for any transportation need you have.

How to Find the Best Airport Transportation Near Me?

Question: I travel every other week to Chicago. Do you handle Airport Transportation in Philadelphia, PA?

Answer: KSTG does handle Airport Transportation in Philadelphia, PA including airports in New York, New Jersey and the Maryland and Washington, DC area. In addition, many of our clients leverage our services and have us handle their transportation when they get to Chicago or any other market across the United States.

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Question: Our company handles training for our entire company. Because of that, sometimes I have larger groups that fly into the Philadelphia, PA. Can your Airport Transportation team handle arrivals across multiple days with multiple vehicles and trips?

Answer: We can. We often handle special events, training classes and other groups that often require numerous pickups and drop-offs and might require a variety of fleet options. KSTG can customize an Airport Transportation solution based on the size of your group as well as the timing of their arrivals and departures. We would recommend calling our Events Team who can assist with these types of requests.

Question: What if I need Airport Transportation for employees that have very late or very early arrivals or departures in Philadelphia, PA. Sometimes, we have people traveling across the country so their arrival times are not always ideal.

Answer: You don’t have to do anything different than what you do today. A KSTG Corporate Concierge can arrange all of the details for you. With a 24/7 operation today, what you consider an unusual request is simply business as usual for KSTG.

Shuttle Services Near Me

So far, we have learned that transportation is more than just finding a company that owns a car. What does this mean to you and your search for the right company? First, checking out a website is a good starting point. Is the website professional? Does it share a lot of content or does it have 1 page saying we have cars and service everything!

Can they walk you through their services over the phone? Do they follow up with a professional email after you speak to them? Can they answer all of your questions? If they can’t, we can and will. What else do you want to know?

Question: Awesome. I have more questions. For example, we have employees who travel by train to work but who currently don’t have an easy way to get from the train station to the office. Can you help with this?

Answer: What you need are Employee Shuttle Services. KSTG runs numerous Employee Shuttle Services for companies across Philadelphia, PA. Employee Shuttle Services typically encompass shuttling employees at the beginning and the end of the work day. KSTG can build out your SOW, manage the logistics and most importantly, provide a safe and convenient way for your employees to get to work. Our Fleet Manager, who is a former Police Officer, will ensure that safety is the overriding deliverable of a program like Employee Shuttle Services.

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Question: Are there other benefits besides transportation from initiating an Employee Shuttle Service? If I have to go sell this to my CFO or COO, how do I pitch a solution that I know is valuable but will have a direct cost to the bottom line.

Answer: Absolutely. Many of our clients have taken our Employee Shuttle Service as the opening to expand their recruiting range. Markets previously identified as too far away are now simply a train stop away. This has expended their talent pool and allowed them to improve their workforce in a very competitive job market. Employee Shuttle Services is not just an operational solution but is also now an HR solution for those companies looking to grow. Truth be told, we often get brought into those internal meetings so that we can workshop and share the approaches of our other clients who have engaged our Employee Shuttle Services and have seen a greater success than they could have hoped for.

Question: My company currently has a work shuttle but the time and effort of maintaining and running it isn’t worth it anymore. How can you help?

employee shuttle serviceAnswer: We hear this story very often. We can help in a lot of ways. One, does your shuttle have any value? If it does, we can help you sell it. Then, we can work with you to build out a solution that utilizes the fleet and staff of Kevin Smith Transportation Group. You’ll remove the costs of the vehicle and staff from your books and more importantly the stress of managing this shuttle every day. The side benefit is your employees in Philadelphia, PA will now have a significantly better experience every day.

Executive Car Service in Philadelphia, Pa

Question: Do you offer Black Car Service in Philadelphia, Pa?

Answer: We do offer Black Car Service in Philadelphia, PA and see this option selected by many corporate clients who have a need to provide a safe and luxury transportation solution for their employees.

black car service in philadelphia, pa

Question: How do we make sure the Black Car we reserve is what we want? The last thing I need is a 7 year old Town Car showing up for our biggest client.

Answer: This is an easy answer for a company like Kevin Smith Transportation Group to answer as our standard sedan is a Cadillac XTS. This means you are guaranteed the luxury you should expect from booking a Black Car Service in Philadelphia, PA. While some websites may “represent” a dynamic fleet, dig a little deeper and you will begin to notice which websites are fluff and which ones provides a transparent view into a leading transportation company.

Question: What types of options do you offer around Company Shuttles in Philadelphia, PA?

Answer: We find that when we build out a Company Shuttle Program, it is best to customize based on the needs of a client. We have developed everything from shuttle service between satellite offices to daily shuttle service to the airport or train station. If you have a need to move employees on a somewhat regular frequency in Philadelphia, PA, we would recommend speaking with a KSTG Corporate Concierge who can listen to your needs and work with you and your team to build out a solution that works best for you.

I Need to Find a Party Bus Near Me

Question: Our company does a couple of retreats in and around Philadelphia, PA during the year. Is this something you can assist with?

Answer: Absolutely. Our Special Events Team at KSTG can handle the logistics for all of your ground transportation needs. Often, this includes multiple vehicles, specialized transportation for Senior Management and on the ground Project Managers to coordinate every step of the way. While our sedans and SUV’s are running every day, our fleet of Party Buses and other specialty vehicles are the perfect choices for company retreats.

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Question: Do you ever offer special rates for employees of your corporate clients? We were hoping to provide some added value to our employees who may want to book a Party Bus or a Limo for a special event in their lives.

Answer: Yes, we do. Many of our clients in Philadelphia, PA have asked us to build out specialized rates for personal use for their employees. To learn more about this, call KSTG and ask to speak to our Vice President of Client Services who can help you put a program together.

I Need Wedding Transportation Services Near Me

You are planning a once in a lifetime event and you don’t want the day ruined by having Richard Gere show up in his Pretty Woman Limo from 1990. The challenge is for $500, anybody can buy a 25 year old Limo and build a $25 website.

How does somebody who isn’t an expert in Wedding Transportation figure out a way to avoid these disasters and find a company like Kevin Smith Transportation Group who is a respected Wedding Limo company and is partners with more than 125 venues across the Philadelphia, PA area?

This article will help you ask the questions you need to ask to ensure you select the right Wedding Limo company. It will also educate you as to why Wedding Limos are just the beginning of the transportation options for your upcoming Wedding.

Question: What is a Wedding Limo? I am not sure if I completely understand what kind of vehicle options exist.

Answer: A Wedding Limo can often mean something different to everybody, so you aren’t off-base. Traditionally, a Wedding Limo would be defined as a long stretch limo, black or white, that would hold at least 6 to 8 people. This luxury vehicle would have a partition separating the driver from the Wedding guests. In many cases, this vehicle is booked for the Bride and Groom or the entire Wedding Party.

Question: What is included in Wedding Transportation?

Answer: Wedding Transportation is what you need it to be. For some people, it is a one-way ride for the Bride and Groom to the reception. For others, it includes everything from the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties to shuttle service for wedding guests the day off and even airport transportation for family and friends coming in from out of town. Wedding Transportation might include one sedan or a coordination of 4 or more vehicles. At KSTG, our Wedding Coordinators will work closely with you to identify what your needs are and then how best we can partner with you to deliver on these needs. This is what they do every day so they are a great resource for when you are ready to plan your Wedding.

Question: What if I need Wedding Guest Transportation to the reception and back to the hotel? I don’t want anybody driving themselves.

Answer: This is the most common request for Brides and Grooms when planning their Wedding Day. Safety of your guests means that every Bride and Groom wants to ensure they have a Wedding guest transportation solution. This usually includes providing transportation from the hotel to the reception and then when the evening is over, transportation back to the hotel. By providing your Wedding guests with transportation, you guarantee that nobody has to drive and can simply relax and enjoy the evening festivities. Most hotels won’t or can’t provide the type of transportation you need so a KSTG Wedding Shuttle solution is the perfect choice for you.

wedding shuttle serivce

I Need Wedding Shuttle Service Near Me

Question: What if I only want Wedding Shuttle Service before or after the wedding? Do I have to pay to have the vehicles to sit in the parking lot for 4 or 5 hours during the reception?

Answer: When Brides and Grooms request Wedding Shuttle Service, KSTG can customize the vehicle and timing of your Wedding Shuttle Service.  Sometimes, we get requests for picking up the grandparents and bringing them to the ceremony but they don’t need a ride to the reception.  Sometimes, they need an early return back to the hotel.  Regardless of the specific needs, a KSTG Wedding Coordinator will work with you to make sure your Wedding limo services are designed to meet your specific needs.

Question: Is there more than one option for a Wedding Limo Rental?

Answer: I have bad news for you. There are lots of options for a Wedding Limo rental in Philadelphia, PA! You have choices. You can land in a 6 passenger limo or a 16 passenger limo. Black or white are both options to choose from. In Philadelphia, PA, KSTG can offer Wedding Limo rentals to meet almost any request you would have. So it might be worthwhile to think about what you might want before you call us about your Wedding Limo rental in Philadelphia, PA so that the process on making a decision is easier for you. If you really have no idea what you want, call our Wedding Coordinators and they can share with you what the latest trends are and what your options are. Again, this is what they do and they enjoy helping all of our Brides and Grooms select their Wedding Transportation needs.

Question: This is helpful so I guess one of my biggest questions is how Wedding Shuttle Services work in Philadelphia, PA?

Answer: Wedding Shuttle Services typically work like this. Most Brides and Grooms need transportation to move guests for a period of roughly two hours at the beginning and end of the reception. However, for the 4-6 hours while the Wedding reception is happening, you don’t need transportation. That is ok. At KSTG, we can build you out a 4 hour package for those two hour blocks and you don’t have to pay anything for that downtime during the reception itself. This makes the Wedding Shuttle Services we offer in Philadelphia, PA ideal for every Bride and Groom.

I Need a Wedding Party Bus

Question: Do you recommend a Wedding Party Bus for our Wedding in Philadelphia, PA? I’m not sure how they work or how many people they hold.

Answer: A Wedding Party Bus is a perfect solution for a Bridal Party who wants to let’s say, start the party early! KSTG’s Wedding Party Bus fleet can handle groups as small as 10 to as large as 30 or more. If you have a lively group and want to turn up the fun a notch or two, a Wedding Party Bus will be the perfect choice for you.

wedding party bus

Question:Do I have to pay the total cost of a Shuttle Bus for my Wedding in Philadelphia, PA the day I book it?

Answer: No. At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, when booking a Shuttle Bus for your Wedding, PA, we require only a deposit at the time of your booking and you won’t have to pay off the balance until two weeks before the big day. This includes any Shuttle Bus you book for your Wedding. This works well if you ever need to make changes or add vehicles to your booking as this is a common request we receive as the Wedding Day approaches.

Question: What can we bring onto our Wedding Party Bus? My Bridal Party likes to have fun if you know what I mean.

Answer: How much can you carry?! We know what you mean! As long as your entire party is 21 or older and you adhere to our safety guidelines, you are welcome to bring both food and beverage onto your Wedding Shuttle. All of our Wedding Party Buses come equipped with built-in bars and there is also room to store coolers on board. Our Wedding team can also arrange to store and load your suppliers onto your Wedding Party Bus so you don’t have to worry about it the day of your Wedding.

wedding party bus

Question:I want to rent a Party Bus for my Wedding in Philadelphia, PA but I would like to see the vehicle beforehand. I called other companies and they said that wasn’t an option. Can I see your vehicles?

Answer: Absolutely. We strongly suggest to anyone who is renting a Party Bus for their Wedding to come and check out our options. Each Party Bus available for rent has different features and options. Come check out the sound system and see the light show and make sure you want this Party Bus for your Wedding. If a company ever tells you that you can’t come see the vehicle, run, don’t walk away.

Question:My friends told me that Wedding Party Bus rentals have become more popular that Stretch Limos in Philadelphia, PA. Is this true?

Answer: We believe that a Wedding Party Bus rental is sort of like trying to pick a glass of wine to drink. Good wine is wine you like, not what other people think. If a Wedding Party Bus rental is the direction you want to go for your special day, then go for it. If a Limo or other type of vehicle is your preference, that is great as well. It is all about your preference for what will make your Wedding day as special as possible.

Question:How come the hotel I am staying at won’t provide Wedding Shuttle Transportation to my reception in Philadelphia, PA? I have a lot of rooms blocked and I thought they would handle that for me.

Answer: We get this question a lot and the answer is quite simple. When you are holding a Wedding that could have 50 to a 100 or more people who will need Wedding Shuttle Transportation from your hotel to your reception, that volume is difficult for a small hotel shuttle to handle. Factor in numerous runs both before and after the reception and it makes sense why more than 150 hotels recommend KSTG for Wedding Shuttle Transportation across the area and specifically in Philadelphia.

wedding guest shuttle service

Question:How do I let my guests know that there is Shuttle Service for my Wedding?

Answer: Most of our Brides and Grooms will include information for Shuttle Service for their Wedding in their wedding invitations or on their wedding website. This would include timing, pickup locations and general information as to how it will work. Also, on the day of the event, our Wedding Coordinators will make sure your assigned Chauffeurs will assist your guest with understanding how the Shuttle Service works and how they can make sure they can utilize the service.

You Found the Perfect Limo Service Near Me!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Hopefully, we have provided some insight into how to select the perfect Limo Service whether that Limo is a 14 passenger Stretch Limo, an executive car service Sedan or a Party Bus for my Bridal Party.

At Kevin Smith Transportation Group, it is our job to help you navigate through this process and we look forward to being your preferred choice for transportation regardless of your need.