Limo Service in Perkasie, Pa

Perkasie, PA is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 35 miles north of Philadelphia, PA. Establishments in the borough early in the twentieth century included silk mills, baseballs, brickyards, lumber mills, tile works, a stone crusher, and manufacturers of cigars, tags, labels and wire novelties. The population in 1900 was 1,803. Today, the population is estimated at 8,515. Limo Service in Perkasie, Pa

limo service in perkasie, pa

Kevin Smith Transportation Group is a Luxury Transportation company that services the entire Greater Philadelphia, PA area.  KSTG delivers services daily in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.  This includes more than 300 cities, towns, boroughs and townships across the area.  One of the places a KSTG vehicle will regularly service is Perkasie, PA. 


Perkasie, PA is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 35 miles north of Philadelphia, PA. Establishments in the borough early in the twentieth century included silk mills, baseballs, brickyards, lumber mills, tile works, a stone crusher, and manufacturers of cigars, tags, labels and wire novelties. The population in 1900 was 1,803.  Today, the population is estimated at 8,515.

Both the town of Perkasie, PA and Pocasie Creek derive their name from the Lenape Unami phrase Pèhpahkàsink/Poekskossing which translates to “One who goes to the place to crack nuts” or “one who cracks nuts there”.  There was doubtless a village on the site of the present town before William Penn’s Perkasie Manor was settled.  The “Manor” of Perkasie was one of several in Bucks County and contained 11,462 acres. Laid out and surveyed in 1708 it embraced most of Hilltown and Rockhill Township.   

On June 8, 1890, a disastrous fire began at the livery stable located at 7th and Chestnut Streets.  Twelve buildings were destroyed. Personal buckets and ladders were used to extinguish the fire. Less than a month later, on July 4, 1890, a committee appointed by Perkasie Borough Council met to form the Hope Fire Company. On September 8, 1890, the Hope Fire Company met at Groover’s Hall (517 Chestnut Street) and adopted a constitution and by-laws.  32 members were present.

Between 1920 and 1950, a factory at 815 Chestnut Street in Perkasie produced millions of major-league baseballs through the Hubbert/Spalding contract. The building was subsequently converted into the Senior Citizens Center, which has since moved to the neighboring borough of Silverdale. It is now scheduled to be converted to six two-bedroom condominiums by Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County, to provide a new start for families in need. The organization plans to utilize green building techniques while preserving the building’s historical exterior.

On June 26, 1988, about 15 percent of the town, including many historic buildings, were burned down in what became known as The Great Perkasie Fire. This massive fire was started by two 12-year-old boys who were playing with a lighter near the coal bins behind the Shelley & Sons lumberyard at Seventh and Market Streets. The fire was fought by about 300 firefighters who came from over 50 fire companies in three counties. Among the historic buildings lost were the American House and the Moyer-Kantner Funeral Home, both dating from 1870, the Herstine Building and the J.G. Moyer building. The latter was photographed for the cover of the July 7, 1945 edition of The Saturday Evening Post, an artistic rendition of a Fourth of July parade by John Falter. Despite the size of the fire, no fatalities were reported.   


The borough’s nearest airport is Pennridge Airport, a public general aviation airport with one 4,200-foot long runway. It is just north of the center of town, on the other side of the East Rockhill Township border.

Perkasie was once served by the Reading Railroad‘s North Penn Division, also known as the Bethlehem Branch, which was once part of the North Pennsylvania Railroad. The line is now owned by SEPTA, which ended passenger service in the early 1980s. The last SEPTA-operated Bethlehem Line Philadelphia-bound passenger train passed through Perkasie on July 29, 1981. Conrail subsequently continued operations out of Lansdale up to Quakertown until the mid-90s. The East Penn Railroad, formally known as East Penn Railway (EPRY), leased a portion of the railroad from SEPTA, saving the line from abandonment from Telford through to Quakertown. SEPTA recently issued a formal proposal to perform maintenance on the line and restore passenger service, either installing catenary for electric trains, or using diesel trains connecting to the Lansdale/Doylestown Line in Lansdale. The project would take at least five years.

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Leisure Services

Kevin Smith Transportation Group delivers both Leisure and Corporate Transportations services in Perkasie, PA.  KSTG’s Leisure division will often be seen sending out a Wedding Limo or Wedding Shuttle on most weekends.  Service requests for a Limo or Party Bus for a Night on the Town or a trip to Philadelphia, PA for a concert or show is very common and popular for those who live in Perkasie, PA.  The exciting requests for a Party Bus to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal or a night out at the casinos makes for a great night. 

Corporate Transportation

If you are fortunate enough to work for one of the amazing companies in Perkasie, PA, then you may require the services of Kevin Smith Transportation Group and our Corporate Transportation division.  Airport Transportation is a common service request with Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) located so close to Perkasie, PA.  However, with nearly a dozen International Airports in the Mid-Atlantic area, many companies will utilize KSTG’s services for Airport Transportation to Newark international (EWR), Kennedy Airport (JFK) or other points north or south of the Philadelphia, PA area.  

Other Corporate Transportation services that Kevin Smith Transportation Group offers companies in Perkasie, PA include Shuttle Services.  This may be needed for moving employees to local SEPTA stations for both their morning commute and returning home in the evening.  KSTH Sprinters and Mini Buses are popular vehicles for this service.  Some companies, with offices or clients around the country, often have employees traveling through local FBO’s.  When Private Aviation is utilized, KSTG Cadillac XTS’s and Black Yukon’s are often seen transferring employees from their offices in Perkasie, PA to those local FBO’s including Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Doylestown Airport and Wings Field. 

Black Car Service

Many companies in Perkasie, PA have been pushed by their Senior Management or Counsel’s office to follow strict Duty of Care requirements with their employees.  This means that the days of using an unregulated Black Car Service for Corporate Transportation services is no longer allowed.  For Kevin Smith Transportation Group, this means that our Black Car Service division, including our fleet of Cadillac XTS’s, Black Yukons and Black Infiniti’s, are regular visitors to Perkasie, PA. 

Limo Service in Perkasie, Pa

The entire team at Kevin Smith Transportation Group is proud of our partnership with every company, venue and person from Perkasie, PA who chooses KSTG as their #1 Transportation Company.  We believe our priorities around luxury helps us deliver our services for everything from a once in a lifetime Wedding celebration to supporting our Corporate clients who require use of our Shuttles and Sprinters for a company event.  With Perkasie, PA and KSTG working together, we are confident KSTG vehicles will continue to support the entire area for years to come. 

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