Little Blue Box

As a Chauffeur, you often have clients who you drive only once and your paths may never cross again.  It is not unusual, especially if people are flying into PHL for a meeting or convention.  You sometimes try to guess what their story might be but never knowing the real answer is part of the game.  You may look at their clothes, their bags or how they speak and try to build out in your mind their story.

Last weekend, I had a small blue box left behind in my Chevy Yukon.  I found it after I returned to the shop and did a more thorough cleaning of the vehicle.  It had fallen onto the ground and must have been wedged under the seat by my client’s feet.  I opened the box and confirmed my initial thought which was there was nothing inside.  Just a small 3×3 box, blue in color, blue lid and a small piece of tissue paper inside.

There seemed to be no value to the box and an email and phone call to the client went unreturned.  As it sat in our lost and found, I would walk past it every morning and wonder what was behind that little blue box.  Was it an engagement ring, a representation of somebody getting ready to take that next step in life?  It didn’t seem like a ring box so I discounted that.

Did it hold a small award, maybe a call of recognition for service after working 20 years in your dream job?  Maybe it was just a souvenir, a keep sake of a vacation that ended too soon.

Was it possible my client was adopted and this box held the address of his birth mother and he had flown to Philadelphia to be reunited with her?  Did he sit in the back of my Yukon, rolling the box in his hands and wondering what the moment would be like?  After 30 years would she want to meet him?  Would she be proud of what he had become?  Did he have brothers or sisters he didn’t know about?

Did he spend 4 hours on a plane with this box in his hands, wondering if that small blue box held the biggest change in his life?  Was it possible someone sent him the address and he had to decide if he should even open the box?  Did he ever think about just throwing it away and not following through?

I will likely never know what was in that little blue box but I believe that whatever the story is, to somebody out there, what might appear to be just an ordinary blue box could in fact be something much else, something amazing.