No Man Left Behind…Sometimes

I was in Atlantic City last week, having the chance to bring a group of childhood friends from the Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA area down in the Party Bus.  That in itself wouldn’t be that unusual except for the fact that they played Three Man the entire way down.  With cardboard dice that were custom made and a foot in length on all sides.

If you are not familiar with the game, it is a dice game usually played during social occasions.  However, when they loaded the oversized dice (it takes one person each to carry a die) onto the Party Bus, I must admit I was curious.  This group clearly takes their Three Man seriously!

I am not originally from the area so my local friends while great have been in my life for the past 15 years.  This group had known each other for more than 35 years.  It was clear they know where the bodies were buried and they know how to hit each other with jokes.  If you are lucky enough to have friends in your life that go back to early childhood, then you know what I mean.  Nothing was off-limits!

I dropped them off on a Friday around mid-day and then brought the Party Bus back to Collegeville, PA.  They were hunkering down for a weekend of fun in Atlantic City and I was fortunate enough to draw the assignment to go pick them up.  Here is where the story gets interesting.

When I dropped them off, there was 14 of them.  However, when they boarded the Party Bus for the return trip back to Collegeville, PA, they were down to 11.  I know what you were thinking.  You thought I was going to say 13 and like the movie Hangover, they lost one man.  However, they lost 3!

I’d like to tell you that similar to the movie, they were worried about where their lost friends were…but they weren’t. In fact, the Three Man game on the way back was more active than on the way down.  Half way back, they finally got the phone call.  You got it.  Their friends were wondering where the Party Bus was.  Crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge was their answer!

Some people would say it was not a nice thing to leave your friends behind.  My guess is, the majority of people will read this and say, yeah, my friends would do that.  I get it.