Office Shuttles

Office Shuttles

Sometimes your business needs require moving employees from one office location to another: It can be remote parking for larger complexes or simple shuttle solutions for your employees who need to travel around a business campus. Call 610-222-6225 today and discover how KSTG can provide you with an organized fleet solution that will reduce employee downtime while ensuring your company brand is upheld through chauffeured, professional vehicles.


Employee Parking Lot Shuttles

• Time is money and your employees are your most valuable asset – Let KSTG move them efficiently and safely from your remote parking lots to their office buildings.

• Need shuttle services during critical peak periods – KSTG will assign the right size and the right number of vehicles to support all of your shuttle needs.

Inter-Campus Travel

• How many hours a year are lost while employees trudge from building to building – Let KSTG design a transportation plan to ensure employees can maximize their time throughout their day.

• Concerned about safety – KSTG’s Fleet Manager is a former police officer and will work closely with your campus security to ensure your employees are transported safely to their destination.

Offsite Employee Pickup

• Pulling straws every day to see who goes and picks up that employee coming in on a regional rail line – Let KSTG send a chauffeured vehicle to handle all of those last minute rides.

• Does your office handle training for employees based around the country – KSTG will manage shuttle service between the office and hotels, handle evening dining needs, and even deliver them back to their airport or rail destination at the end of their visit.