Office Shuttles

At KSTG, we leverage our dynamic fleet to help deliver every employee program that you can imagine. From moving hundreds of employees to Manhattan for a show to the Wells Fargo Center for a concert, or even to the local park for an employee picnic, KSTG will help you get there.

What are your needs?

From daily shuttle service to your office to transportation for your team to a convention downtown

Employee Parking Lot Shuttles

Time is money and your employees are your most valuable asset – Let Kevin Smith Transportation Group move them efficiently and safely from your remote parking lots to their office buildings.

Inter-Campus Travel

How many hours a year are lost while employees trudge from building to building – Let KSTG design a transportation plan to ensure employees can maximize their time throughout their day.

Offsite Employee Pickup

Pulling straws every day to see who goes and picks up that employee coming in on a regional rail line – Let KSTG send a chauffeured vehicle to handle all of those last minute rides.


Do you have questions before you book? We’ll try to answer as many as we can for you.

What types of options do you offer around Company Shuttles in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?
We find that when we build out a Company Shuttle Program in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area, it is best to customize based on the needs of a client. We have developed everything from shuttle service between satellite offices to daily shuttle service to the airport or train station. If you have a need to move employees on a somewhat regular frequency in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area, we would recommend speaking with a KSTG Corporate Concierge who can listen to your needs and work with you and your team to build out a solution that works best for you.
Our company does a couple of retreats in the Greater Philadelphia, PA during the year. Is this something you can assist with?
Absolutely. Our Special Events Team at KSTG can handle the logistics for all of your ground transportation needs. Often, this includes multiple vehicles, specialized transportation for Senior Management and on the ground Project Managers to coordinate every step of the way.
Do you ever offer special rates for employees of your corporate clients?
Yes, we do. Many of our clients in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area have asked us to build out specialized rates for personal use for their employees. To learn more about this, call KSTG and ask to speak to our Vice President of Client Services who can help you put a program together.

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