Only Fun People Ride in a Party Bus – Take This Quiz

Only Fun People Ride in a Party Bus - Take This Quiz

100% of fun people say they are fun to be around.

Raise your hand if you are fun…Wait a second. Do you think you are fun or do other people think they are fun?

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Are you Party Bus Material?

Raise your hand if you are fun…Wait a second. Do you think you are fun or do other people think they are fun?

If you are looking for fun people, look no further than people who party in a Party Bus. Party Buses are the textbook answer of what fun is. A rolling party, stocked with “soft drinks”, with music and lights pulsating, filled with fun people having fun. From a Night on the Town to a Wine or Distillery Tour, Party Buses are fun to take anywhere.

So now you know why Party Buses are fun. So do you have it in you to be a part of the next Party Bus adventure?

Answer the below quiz and you will have your answer.

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Only Fun People Ride in a Party Bus – Take This Quiz

So let’s take the following quiz and see if you truly are fun.

1. Do You Know How to Relax?

People want to hang with other people who know how to relax. Nobody wants to climb in a Party Bus with Mr. Stressed! So chill out and relax and you just might be invited on the next Bar Crawl. Deduct 1 point from your score if you don’t know how to relax!

2. Do You Pay Attention to Your Friends?

Put down your phone. 100 selfies is more than enough. The point of the Party Bus is to turn up the music and the fun that goes along with it. So put down your phone and pay attention to your friends. Give yourself 10 points if your phone isn’t attached to your hand.

3. Are You Funny?

I mean really funny. Can you tell a good story? Toss out quick one-liners? Funny is good. People on Party Buses like funny. Take away 5 points from your score if funny is a long-lost cousin of your personality.

4. Can You Make Silly Faces?

If so, congrats. But the Party Bus isn’t looking for 3rd graders. Silly Faces is not for adults. 4 point deduction if you got excited when you saw the question about silly faces.

5. Do You Like Practical Jokes?

Who doesn’t right? Party Buses to Concerts or Sporting Events are perfect for Practical Jokers…This was another trick question. Practical jokes are not for Party Buses. Party Buses are for people who want to dance and sing karaoke. 20 points for you if you like to sing karaoke. 20 point bonus if you are really bad at it.

6. Do You Wear a lot of Sweaters?

Yes, we know it is a weird question but we have a guy who works with us who wears really weird sweaters. So while there is nothing wrong with a sweater, let’s just say don’t go overboard on them. Besides, you control the temperature on the Party Bus so you won’t need a sweater. 5 free points as we feel bad for picking on people who wear a lot of sweaters.

7. Do You Like to Pay the Bill?

Are you willing to pay for the Party Bus? If so, you are invited. In fact, you are invited with us anytime as well. We like Wine Tours. 1,000 points for the person who wants to pay for the Party Bus.

8. You Like to Shower?

We know this sounds like a weird question but it is important. Party Buses are close quarters. We want you to smell good. So showering is important. Deduct 10 points if you consider showering an option and not a requirement.

The Fun Person Quiz – Party Buses Here We Come

Everybody likes a Party Bus. From Weddings to Nights on the Town, nothing enhances a night like the perfect Party Bus.

But before you book that Party Bus and start inviting your friends, remember to choose carefully. You’re looking for fun people only.

So consider making them take this quiz. While the point structure is a little hard to follow, if answered truthfully, you will get an accurate picture of their fun quotient.

However, don’t forget, if they are willing to pay for the Party Bus, they are golden. After all, people who pick up the bill are definitely fun.

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