Penncrest High School’s Official Prom Limo & Party Bus Fact Page

Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the preferred Limo and Prom Party Bus Company for Penncrest High School’s Prom in Media, PA. As one of 142 High Schools in KSTG’s service area, the perfect Limo and Party Bus is waiting for you. Call 610-222-6225 today and make sure the Limo or Party Bus you want is secured before everything is booked up.

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Prom Services

Kevin Smith Transportation Group provides customized Prom Limo and Prom Party Bus solutions for students who attend Penncrest High School in Media, PA. With so many vehicle options, below lists out the most popular types of Limo and Party Bus solutions.



Prom Stretch Limo

Every student attending Prom at Penncrest High School in Media, PA should consider the Luxury of a Prom Limo. With Stretch Limos that comfortably fit up to 12 passengers, Penncrest High School students from Media, PA will arrive to Prom safely and in a level of luxury that would make a professional athlete jealous.

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Prom Party Bus

Prom Party Buses are often selected by Penncrest High School students from Media, PA when their group they are going with goes from 10 students to 25 or more. Every Party Bus is customized with Surround Sound Bluetooth enabled, wrap around bench seating and multi-color LED lighting for a totally immersive experience.

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Prom Sprinter Van

For students who attend Penncrest High School in Media, PA, Prom Sprinters have become the trendy vehicle selection for groups up to 14 people. Originally designed for Weddings, these Sprinters provide a safe option for small groups while still providing the fun of being chauffeured by a Luxury Transportation company.

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Prom Mini Shuttle

For students from Penncrest High School in Media, PA who are attending Prom with as many as 30 people, our Prom Mini Shuttles are the perfect option for larger groups who still want the Luxury of a chauffeured vehicle. These Mini Shuttles are used 12 months out of the year for the most exclusive Weddings held in Media, PA and then are commandeered for Penncrest High School’s Prom every spring.

prom mini shuttle

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Prom Luxury SUV

Did you ever consider going to Prom in a $100,000 Luxury SUV? Perfect for 1 or 2 couples, a ride in a Luxury SUV makes you feel like you are going to the Grammy’s and not Penncrest High School’s Prom in Media, PA.

luxury prom suv

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Prom Luxury Sedan

Many students attending Prom at Penncrest High School in Media, PA request transportation for just them and their date. With a Luxury fleet of Sedans including the exclusive Cadillac XTS, every couple has the option of being delivered to Prom safely and comfortably in a Luxury vehicle.

luxury prom sedan

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Penncrest High School Prom – Limo & Party Bus Services

Renting a Limo or Party Bus for Prom is an exciting time for a high school student. The chance to celebrate the school year safely and in Luxury is something that Kevin Smith Transportation Group loves to be a part of. There are many vehicle options to consider and with 142 high schools serviced by KSTG, the time to book is now.

We will sell out every Limo and Party Bus on the day of your Prom. So when considering what vehicle to rent, consider starting the process early enough to make sure you don’t get shut out. At KSTG, we look forward to participating in Penncrest High School’s Prom in Media, PA and will do everything we can to make the night special.

Prom Safety Tip 1. #114 – Parent Tips – Communicate with other parents about prom and post-prom plans. Some parents feel that hosting a house party where alcohol is served to minors is safer. These parties are illegal. Remember, excessive alcohol consumption brings more dangers than just impaired driving.

Penncrest High School in Media, PA – Facts and Figures

Penncrest High School is a public four-year comprehensive high school in Middletown Township, Delaware County, PA. The school is currently led by Principal Ralph Harrison who came to the position after serving as Assistant Principal for a number of years. The school offers more than 200 courses and 17 AP programs.

Penncrest students score in the top 25 percent of the state on the PSSA. The high school boasts a 100% graduation rate, with more than 90% of the students continuing with higher education pursuits. Penncrest is known for its awarding winning academic teams including its National Championship Envirothon Team, Delaware County and National Championship Hi-Q team, regional winning Physics Olympic Team, and National 4th Place Science Olympiad Team.

In addition, the school supports a wide range of high quality co-curricular and athletic programs, through which the students are able to pursue music, the creative and performing arts, world language, business education, and sports. The school also offers special programs that focus on community service. Examples include a successful annual blood drive, sponsored by the National Honor Society members and recognized by the American Red Cross, participation in Habitat for Humanity projects, and an annual Canned Food Drive.

In the past 5 years graduates have attended over 200 colleges, located in 40 states, the District of Columbia and in other countries. Penncrest’s curriculum emphasizes proficiency in essential skills and is among the top scoring school on the Pennsylvania State School Assessment in reading, math, science and writing. Students with unique behavioral or educational needs attend the district’s Simon Youth Academy, a unique alternative school program.