Schools & Universities

Kevin Smith Transportation Group is the region’s preferred Academic Charter Bus company. As Philadelphia’s highest rated Coach Bus company, KSTG works with the most demanding Schools and Universities in the greater Philadelphia, PA area!


With the highest safety rating in the region and never a single at-fault accident, KSTG’s Fleet Manager, a retired Police Officer, prides himself on delivering the safest ride possible. There are no days off from safety and when booking with KSTG, you get a safety guarantee that every step possible is taken to ensure your Charter Tour arrives safe and on-time.


KSTG takes great pride in delivering the highest standards of comfort in the Motor Coach industry. While you stay plugged in with access to state of the art electronics, your reclining seat provides you the perfect setting for watching TV, enjoying music and immersing yourself in the journey to your final destination. Clean and updated restrooms provide the perfect final touch


Our clients choose KSTG because of our never-wavering reliability. While they relax on the industry’s most luxurious Coach Buses, our team is working behind the scenes to make sure the first and last mile of your Charter Tour goes seamlessly. Our team of Project Managers at Kevin Smith Transportation Group works tirelessly so you arrive rested and relaxed.


As a family-owned business, KSTG’s success is largely based on our reputation as a Luxury Transportation Company that delivers unmatched levels of service. Our Team of Concierges will coordinate every aspect of your Charter Tour, ensuring the quality of the ride is equaled only by the quality of the team that delivers you to your final destination.

Tour Bus Options

Below are some examples of different destinations and tour bus ideas that some of our clients have enjoyed

school sports

School Sports

While KSTG provides a variety of transportation solutions to Schools and Universities across the greater Philadelphia, PA area, nothing is as exciting as transporting athletic teams to their games and matches. KSTG’s team of Chauffeurs have been fortunate to escort teams to everything from their weekly matches to state-wide championships.

Choosing from a variety of Coach Bus options, KSTG can handle a weekly game or a weekend tournament, local to Philadelphia, PA or across the country. Simply speak to our own Athletic Director who will work closely with your team to make sure every arrangement is handled.

school groups

School Groups

From Mathletes to the Debate Team, KSTG has the perfect Charter Bus for your School Group. KSTG works closely with your school to arrange the perfect vehicle and the perfect route, to make sure everyone arrives on time and safe.

KSTG’s Coach Buses can be booked for a one-off event or a regular schedule. Speak with our Athletic Director who will work with to arrange all of the details, assisting with hotels and meals if needed. Your School Groups deserve to travel in style and the journey with KSTG can be as much fun as the destination.

school camp


Many Schools and Universities conduct camps throughout the school year. This often requires the need for Charter Buses handling the daily transportation of the students in attendance. For KSTG, camps mean a chance to work closely with our school partners year-round.

Similar to KSTG’s regular school charter work, specific Coach Buses will be assigned to handle all of the transportation needs of your camps. From daily transfers to specialized trips, KSTG’s Coach fleet can handle 100% of your needs. Let our own Athletic Director with your Camp Directors to arrange all of your ground transportation this summer.

casino trips

Field Trips

Are you organizing a large group to visit one of the many amazing amusement parks in the area like Six Flags Great Adventure, Dorney Park and Hershey Park? KSTG’s Coach Bus Services offers fully equipped Coach Buses with restrooms, WIFI and data ports at every seat.

Thinking of planning a trip to an out of state amusement park like Kings Dominion in Virginia? KSTG’s Coach Bus Services can provide multi-day tours to any destination across the United States. Simply choose your day and your Coach Bus and let KSTG handle all of the driving for you and your group.

Licensing & Requirements

We have all the proper licenses and endorsements required by the state to handle and operate for school and universities.

  • Fleet of vehicles have the latest technological features
    • GPS tracking
    • We know exactly where are vehicles are
    • We know how fast they are traveling
    • Viewable records of times, speeds, exact routes for last 18 months
  • Fleet Manager Former Police Officer
  • Best in Class Vehicle Maintenance & Safety Program
    • Vehicles inspected by mechanic bi-annually
    • State police inspection annually for safety
  • All Drivers Certified with Class B-CDL and School Endorsement Licenses
  • All Drivers Have Necessary Clearances
    • Criminal History Check – Act 34
    • Child Abuse Clearance – Act 151
    • FBI Fingerprint and Background Check
    • Pre-employment drug screenings
    • Random drug screenings after employee is hired
  • Complete Insurance Package (Up to $5 million-dollar policy on individual vehicles)
  • Dedicated Logistics Coordinator to understand your needs and coordinate all schedules
  • Our Major Goal is to construct pricing packages to minimize your costs while maximizing your student’s safety.