Secrets of Being the Best – 7 Qualities of Top Chauffeurs Employed in Philadelphia

Hiring a luxury ride isn’t just about choosing the right vehicle. The person at the wheel can make a big difference to the quality of your experience. But are all chauffeurs created equal? What makes a chauffeur stand head and shoulders above the rest? What are the qualities of top chauffeurs?

Here are 7 things to consider for a smooth, reliable, and stress-free experience.

A perfect record

We’re not talking speed records. A good chauffeur’s #1 priority is ensuring the safety of their passengers, and that means having a squeaky-clean driving record. Always check the limo company’s policy on driver records and make sure a driver’s record is spotless before you make your choice.

Always punctual

A great chauffeur utilizes proper preparation and meticulous planning to ensure that they are always punctual. This may include leaving plenty of time between appointments, planning out the best route, making sure any GPS tech is in good working condition, and making sure there’s enough gas in the car so that last minute emergencies don’t crop up and ruin the best laid plans.

Personable, professional, polite

All three count. For a great chauffeur, people skills are just as important as their driving ability. They come across as relaxed, but also confident. Polite and friendly, but not overly chatty. The best drivers make their passengers feel at ease and can actually elevate the client’s experience with their engaging personality.

The best routes

Just like you’d expect the locals of any given area to be familiar with lesser-known roads and routes, the best chauffeurs have plenty of route-specific tricks up their sleeve. They plan out route A, route B and so on to ensure that the client’s appointment, flight, or what have you, is never, ever missed. They go the extra mile (sometimes literally) to fulfill their mission.

Presentation counts

Personal grooming and the preparation of the vehicle are both important. Great chauffeurs present with crisp uniforms and polished shoes. Clean hands, nails and hair are crucial. A friendly, open expression and a ready smile go a long way. It goes without saying that the vehicle itself, both interior and exterior, should be clean and looking its best.

Discretion matters

Clients need to know that their chauffeur is the soul of discretion. They need to know that their personal business will remain personal, and that nothing said in or out of the vehicle will be repeated or disclosed. As many chauffeurs may service top business leaders or celebrities, total confidence in the driver’s discretion is essential.

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