The Ultimate Guide to Business Travel in 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Business Travel in 2021

Are you ready to get back up in the air again? Business travel is finally resuming after a rather bleak 2020, and the wheels of commerce have started moving again. Though an itinerary packed with meetings, lunch, and meetings, and then more meetings are a staple of business travel, it is important that you plan your trip to make the most of it!

As airports open to business as usual, remember to follow social distancing, mask mandates and safety protocols. Not sure about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your next business trip? Here’s the ultimate guide to business travel in 2021!

Research Your Destination 

As uncertainty reigns supreme these days, and the rules are different in various states and countries doing your research becomes critical. Find out about the safety protocols, tests and any other information you might need before you make your trip.

Map out Your Agenda

Keep your travel desk informed of your daily plans. This keeps them on the same page and gives them the flexibility to adjust to unforeseen incidents.

Pre-book Airport Transfers

Avoid unnecessary waiting in the airport looking out for an Uber or a taxi. Pay a little extra and book a town car or limo. This saves you from having to lug your luggage around while searching for the taxi bay and can save precious time.

Brand Loyalty

Repeat customers get the best service. Once the hotel staff is accustomed to your likes and dislikes, your stay becomes much more pleasant. Hotels are often more open to accommodating special requests for regulars. Not to mention the loyalty cards and benefits!


Business trips are fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean you should burn yourself out. Finding your “me time” during a business trip could be tricky but worth the effort. A walk outside your hotel, a relaxed drink or dinner, and a call to your loved ones narrating the best moments of the trip can be so rewarding that can redefine your entire trip. 

Time Management

Everything from booking your transfer cabs to reaching the airports or stations on time is vital. Successful business travelers envision their day even before it begins. Use a time management tool to ensure you get all your to-do’s done and make every second of your day productive.

Are you ready to get back up in the air in 2021? Contact our transportation concierge to take care of your airport transfers!