Charter Bus

What are the best strategies to book a charter bus?
Planning to book a charter busIf so, start planning your charter bus rental as early as possible to ensure that you have a wide selection of buses to choose from and to secure the best rates.  Know your group size and needsHave a clear understanding of the number of passengers you will be transporting, the type of trip, and any specific needs or requests. This will help ensure that you select the right bus with the appropriate amenities.  Finally, confirm the details with the charter bus company before the trip, including the pick-up and drop-off locations, the itinerary, and any special requests or needs.  The details are important and if through the booking process if you don’t feel like they are as focused on those details as they should be, consider picking a different partner.   
How do I find a strong transportation partner for my school charter needs?
School charter work means wrangling a group of young athletes and getting them to their practice, match or game on time and safelyThe challenge for many schools is their local bus partner may be struggling to just get the daily bus routes handled and no school can risk not getting a team to their game on timeThe good news is there are companies who specialize in this kind of workDuring the vetting process, get a list of references from other schools they work withYou don’t want to be their first school clientThey should have a diverse fleetFrom traditional buses to sprinters and mini-buses, they should be flexible enough to handle any sized sports teamAlso, ask them how they handle schedule changesNothing gets interrupted more than sports teams who get rained out one day and their game moves to the next dayThis is common and they should have a strong process on how to manage that
What should I look for in a charter bus company that will make my life easier?

Charter bus transportation is a common request for larger corporate and social eventsOften, it is needed in combination with smaller vehicles like executive sedans or SUVs.  Coordinating these vehicles among 2 or 3 companies is a lot for whoever is in charge of an event.  The better solution is to find one partner who has the experience and vehicles to handle all of your requestsThey should be able to assign a Project Manager to your event, often coordinating the vehicles from on-siteThey should have references from other clients who have utilized their charter bis service and they should be able to provide specific feedback on your event, including any concerns around access or restrictions to where your riders need to goCharter bus service doesn’t need to be complicated but it does need to be handled by a company with the right experience.